FL4K the Pokémon trainer

Mr. Chew’s last evolve, the Eridian Skag, looks like you now have a lil’ Rhyhorn with ya. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lil baby

Somewhere between that and Nidorino.

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The second evolve is Nidorino :rofl:


That one looks more like Rhydon to me. :wink:

It does, very true buuuutt
great horned Skag = poison type Eridian Skag = rock type lmao :joy::rofl:

FL4K is really cool! I can’t wait to play as him!!

Probably the coolest VH eva. :call_me_hand:t2:

You might even say that Fl4k is the very best… like no one ever was.


FL4K to pet: Ooohhhhh youre my best friend & this vault we must defeeenddd!

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