FL4K Trainer coms

Was looking for Sapper coms and Voltborn gave me these:

TR4INER (2 skills)
36% Weapon Handling
34% Grenade Damage
26% Mag Size

Tell me which you want and post your GT so I can mail it off

Very generous. I would love to have the Prideful Tr4iner with weapon damage. GT = Tom dot66. I have some pearl of wisdoms, an old god -action skill cooldown, some Level 57 lobs with good anoints, etc. Let me know if any of that can help you. Thx Tom dot66

Hey Tom, I’ll log in and get that in the mail, already have you on the list from last time. You don’t have to send me anything but if you want to go ahead.

Thanks so much. I will send you something later tonight. Thanks Tom

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Thanks for the gear. Check your mail. Tom

Thanks Tom!