Fl4K TVHM MM4 solo Slaughter Shaft builds

What builds are people using to try and solo the Slaughter Shaft on TVHM MM4 with FL4K?

No matter which way I respec I can’t seem to get enough power to health regen. If I focus on health regen there’s just not enough power… Too much power, pretty quick death from splash, when things get busy in later rounds.

I’ve tried a few different class mods e.g. DE4DEYE, COMMANDER, HUNTER.

I have also tried Last Stand with shield regen…

My shield or grenade mod applies terror on myself, or adds corrosive or cryo, and I have a few guns with health regen. Maybe I need more of these?

Any suggestions appreciated…

Here is my current test skill trees.

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I know a lot of people are running Gamma Burst like you are, but I have had success on the Takedown running only the Hunter and Stalker tree and swapping between the Rakks and Fade Away. Fade Away for the more powerful enemies, Rakks for the general mobs. I use a shield with apply terror on ASE, a grenade with health regen while affected by terror, and weapons with either 100% damage after an enemy is hit by Rakks or other favorable elemental or terror anointments. This allows you to skip some of the heath regen skills that Fl4k has, which are not that great, and focus on DPS skills.

I actually find that you can grab either Megavore or The Power Inside and be equally effective. Just my 2 cents though, I know a lot of people really like Gamma Burst and that tree.

To be fair though, I have yet to kill Wotan solo on M3. I can get there no problem, but he is a pain to kill. I have gotten past the first two stages, but that third stage (I think it is the third stage, maybe the 4th?) where he spilts into the bottom and flying top is just really tough to do solo for me. I will get there, I guess. Or not LOL.

EDIT: I use the Cosmic Stalker COM, with +3 to Interplanetary Stalker and +2 to Hunter’s Eye. I got lucky on the passives, +25% weapon damage and +5 grenades. Then I use an artifact that has bonuses to cooldown, magazine size, and shield recharge delay. I alternate between the Stop-Gap and the Re-Charger for shields. Whispering Ice, Hunter-Seeker, and Hex for grenades.

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Thank you for replying.

I was using a build alot more like the one you describe for the Takedown…

The question, however, is more Slaughter Shaft specific.

Would you mind taking your build onto that map in TVHM MM4 and have a go soloing it, and then we can discuss it further?

LOL my bad. I guess I have Takedown on the brain.

I have not done Slaughter Shaft yet on M4, I have been focused on Takedown and farming gear to beat it. I had zero problems beating Slaughter Shaft using the build I described above on M3, but as we know, M4 is an entirely different beast. I will try at some point and try to remember to report back.

No worries. Appreciate the input. May come in handy soon for other applications. M4 is a great test for understanding build synergies. Really can see if stuff works or not… esp without GR…Although going back to Sanctuary can be a pain…

For some reason, I have just been getting obsessed with testing the best way to take on Multiple hardened enemies, and the Slaughter Shaft is a real hardcore test for that purpose…

Please do report back…

Also my major flaw I have just only now just realised is that one gun I was using for health generation was actually killing me…

Avoid this one…

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On Slaughter Shaft, at least on M3, I always found a singularity grenade (Whispering Ice or Quasar work
great) for crowd control and then a Burning Flakker worked fantastically together.

But those damn Hardened Tinks on M4 have such tiny crit spots and So. Much. Armor. I am not sure how that strategy would work on M4. Again, will give it a try sometime soon.


Needs to go in “the dumbest thing you’ve done” thread.

That said, insanely jealous you can run M4 anything.

I get spanked @ M3 circles…


Yeah I agree it was dumb… Always check the red text. I only used it today as I have a COV boosting DEA4DYE , and the Moor Linoge is very good against armour… I really need an anointed one though…

Cistern of Slaughter is a lot more managable at TVHM MM4 than Slaughter Shaft with my current FL4K gear and build…

It’s a gruadual process. Synergistic interactions get tested, then saved or discounted…

And without Guardian Ranks - it’s more extreme than it’s meant to be for non pros like myself.

I am really impressed that some pro gamers could do OP speed runs on BL2 without guardian ranks… That’s epic skill.

I actually do not think that OP8/10 was nearly as difficult as M4. To be fair though, we had a lot longer to play BL2 and farm gear than we have so far on BL3, so that might be subjective on my part at this point.

I think that Fl4k might have the most difficult time with Guardian Perks being off out of all the VHs, because Shield Reboot and Emergency Response actually benefit him more than the other VHs because he does not have any shield skills. It really sucks that GBX screwed that up. I feel like M4 was kind of designed around Guardian Perks existing and working and being implemented into builds.

The gear certaining leveled better on OP…And I used Guardian Ranks as I’m only average…

So, it never quite felt, like you needed every stack and 500 rounds to down a mid level badass…

Yeah definitely an issue with shields and FL4k…I’ve tested so many shields and so many anointed ones… Even the anointed Transformer struggles to protect me…

I heard that the Facepuncher with a Melee anointment can help survival… Still looking for that…

But even then, with a different gun in use, the splash damage behind cover when there’s a few anointed and hardened enemies sometimes just puts you straight into FFYL… And then in MM4 its game over…

Might i suggest you give a shot at this build tree Setup
As the pet damage from “go for the eyes” and “ferocity” still seem quite underwhelming despite the buffs; PHoaS isnt currently/has never worked (plus to keep frenzy and pet bonus - the pet has to stay alive)
if your looking to keep the spiderant countess for damage reduction can move some points from pack tactics and turn tail and run, though that will drop about 29% of fl4ks damage (keeping the bonus damage you had (+ some more) from twofang + overclocked with different skills) . Like this will have your health above 9000 and offer bonus health regen as well as constant regen for pets - also making the scorcher spiderant alot harder to kill

  • edit ; had mentioned the skill “he bites” but meant “go for the eyes”: now fixed
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Thanks, I will test and then feedback.

For bossing, still going to use bounty hunter; but for general mobbing - deadeye will work better against shields and armor, or depending on friendbot passives would make up the difference

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Thank you for your help.

Definitely the scorcher spiderant makes a considerable difference on survival. Highly recommended…

And overall considering FL4K’s current state - which admittedly I don’t know enough about, it’s definitely the best build balancing health and power that I have played during intense mobbing…

Until the next patch I guess…

If i find a way for him to survive slaughtershaft m4 i will share that here; till then im farming it with moze in mm3

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Yeah it’s pretty hardcore… Good luck.

I’ve almost been tempted to use Amara just to farm for FL4K gear myself. 100% If I find that 500% COM, and the end game police don’t stuff it up first.

Psycho Head on a Stick Works, at least on PC. Frenzy is gonna depend on whether the pet has a fast attack speed or a powerful slow attack.

I run Eridian Skag, and Frenzy isn’t reliable (for me) unless we’re fighting down a tanky enemy. However, I’m not sure the bonus from Psycho Head is gonna be any use in the OPs scenario.

Edited to add “for me” because I made it sound like I was talking for everyone and I didn’t mean to do that

Thankyou; helped me notice a mistake in my larger post; tree was still correct.
As i use “he bites” to help proc frenzy (seemingly working well) i havnt noticed any issues in frenzy stacks aside from bossing; which in any case the jabber would undoubtedly be the fastest at building/ maintaining them but (atleast with descriptions) the jabber doesnt recieve bonuses from barbaric yawp.
To add, the elemental puddle that the scorcher creates seems to proc it at the same rate as the skags own attack. In the op’s scenario psycho head would be helpful if the pets AI had a sort of dodge mechanism; but without it i find it would fall short in being useful


I thought He bites would proc Frenzy.