Fl4k video thoughts

Anyone else think he sounds like protoss or have i played too much starcraft… I like it though. :slight_smile:

Sounds great and the pets look awesome! Was a great intro trailer.


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The trailer convinced me that he’s not the guy for me tbh.
that voice…ugh.

I found that character trailer… underwhelming.


I got chills. Their quiet, soothing voice. Their calm demeanor. Their subtle, but obvious love for their pets. I adore FL4K already. THEY are awesome.

EDIT: ALSO, no skill tree dedicated solely to sniper rifles! Yay!


that last skill of the Master skill tree <3

damn all the pets. I want them all.

Haven’t seen the skill tree’s yet, but damn, that voice gives me the feels from the late 90s. It’s Beast Wars all over again. Literally!

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Seems suspiciously ex-Hyperion to me. I actually didn’t look into its skill tree, partly because I’m not that interested in this class, partly because at this point I’m not interested in “spoilers” of any sort at this point, I’ll be happy to be surprised in the final game (although it was interesting to learn in that whatever planet trailer that that unknown character is apparently the boss of Jakobs).

The only thing I’m still really curious about is what “weapon handling” does.

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His skill trees are definitely interesting. There are so many different styles to play him and a lot of his skills are pretty complex, especially when you start thinking about overall synergy. It is a lot to wrap your head around.

Ever since Gearbox released the characters I was set on playing Fl4k first. The character model just looked very badass to me. The voice actor’s delivery is exactly what I hoped it would be. At least for me. I know not everyone is gonna dig it but I hope that it doesn’t deter you from giving Fl4k a chance. Don’t forget “ The Hunt is everything “. I hope you all have a great day.

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He seemed a lot cooler than I initially thought. However I’m confused a bit as to his power.

The trailer makes it clear that he has a pet skag, spider ant, and fire monkey thing that hasn’t been in previous games (but we’ve seen in other trailers). However, he was also shown commanding rakks. So does he have 4 pets? Or just the 3 and the rakks were there for show?

What I’m excited for is to see what different game play options they offer. From the looks of it…
-Spider ant will be the primary slayer type of the 3. Possibly crowd control.
-Fire monkey will act as a sort of decoy (drawing fire and scrambling enemies) and maybe also act as a sort of item finder (he said he wants to impress, so I just picture this thing picking up good loot and bringing it to you after a fight).
-The skag…??? I dunno what this guy might do, maybe has something to do with elementals or targeting specific enemies. He said he likes to chase cars, so it sounds like the focus-damage type, where the spider ant just goes after anyone nearby indiscriminately.

3 pets (diamonds on skill tree) and 3 action skills (stealth, rakk dive bomb and Gamma burst)

The skill tree article answers most of these other questions too. Such as how each pet works and what it offers FL4K.

Ah so rakks are action skills. That makes more sense, they seemed like they wouldn’t be primary abilities. Do we know about what any of them do yet?

I think he looks pretty awesome. I like the voice for whatever that is worth. Also interesting that he is a Robot. Zero also a robot?

Now I am not sure which character interests me the most. Leaning towards either Fl4k or Moze for my first play through.

I don’t think he’s entirely a robot, probably more of a cyborg. His movement and mannerisms seem too… humanish. It’s already established that people can become cyborgs, so maybe he’s just a dude that went full throttle and is like 99% robot. Else it seems a bit strange that a robot would be able to control wildlife.

You can see his torso a bit in the video. I’m voting robot at this point. Also, only silly humans think robots aren’t good with animals. :wink:

There’s a more detailed description on the cosplay guide - you may want to give that a quick read (it’s not that long.)