Fl4k voice options

Right now Fl4k sounds like a male

Is there anyway we can get a female sounding voice and a robotic sounding voice to give us more options to choose a character we identify with?

Ohhhhh Josh, was that supposed to be a “funny”!!??


I honestly thought it would be cool if the voice was kind of like a couple voices at different pitches talking at the same time or something like that. I haven’t hear their voice yet honestly though so I don’t know if I like it yet

i kinda doubt they would implement this option this far into the year. being that it is a few weeks away from launch, it would be timely and costly to find another voice actor to provide another voice for the dialogue and other aspects of the character. in a sense it would also be insulting to the current voice actor to have someone else come in and voice someone you worked hard to voice.


im not sure if theyd implement this but I think they should!! it sounds like a good option to have

i dont think prozd would mind honestly

different sounding Fl4k voices would be cool. Unless his voice sound is like Zer0 and is intrinsic to his character. Otherwise, different voices would be cool.

Does it really matter what he sounds like…? In the end you will just have music popping on the background while you farm him your perfect roll guns.

I play without music