Fl4k - which shield/relic do you use?

Hey there, I’m using the Multivitamin Shield and sometimes a Rough Rider… Can you recommend any other shields?
Some annointed stats are really cool, but didn’t find a really great one yet.

Any cool options? Focus on hp/survivability.

Edit: I’m using rough rider + a relic that gives me 18% max hp on kill. Feels pretty good, any different cool options for relics? I do like invulnerability at 50% hp too.

No idea. I keep picking a new one every level up as they drop so darn often, usually one that has hp or shield given after each kill. Haven’t come across anything that seems a keeper yet, as long as they aren’t boosters (I detest booster shields) I’ll keep trying new ones each level up.

As soon as I start finding amp shields, I’ll use them exclusively, but I haven’t seen one at all yet. Unless I’ve misread descriptions.

I’m using stop gap for now but I change them around.

Amp shields arent what they were, I’ve tried a few but they arent worth it.

since I have 2 cryo attacks (rakk and good gun) im using a cryo relic for extra damage, freeze chance, frozen damage, and XP until late game. I do plan to swap it but haven’t come across anything as good.

Booster shields would be sooooo much better if you picked up the booster automatically. Even if they made them drop way less it would be better IMO.

I don’t have the time in the middle of a hectic firefight where the booster might actually be useful to scroll around and try and get the prompt to pick it up.

All the while I’ve been shot and lost more than I will gain from the booster in the process of trying to pick it up


i got a good stop gap the annoited 5% hp regen and a elemental boost relic for my rakks build.

for my fade away and gamma burst build i use a black ham with the annoited action skill recharge, i don’t have define relic but i would say elemental boost relic for gamma and fade away i don’t know what could be good, any advice ?

I find the Transformer to be really good on most characters, its always a pretty solid choice.

On flak if I am using Gama heal build so the party never dies I use an Anointed Mendels Shield quest reward shield with +50% max HP.

That one really is amazing for heal build party play bcs you can pop it next to you stand way way back and snipe from in its radius meanwhile your team mates are never going down because your making them constantly regen 20% max hp+ a sec.

Transformer and Back Ham. Their damage mitigation is hard to top.

Whatever I find. He rips with anything haha

I like the recharger, back ham, and brawler ward (go for one with crap melee for better shield stats).

Im doing a rakk/health regen build. The brawler ward ended up being super tanky with keeping both me and the pet alive, with the gun damage bonus up quite often.

Artifacts matter a bit less to me. I went for an epic with secondary stats I like (mag size, cooldown, and movement speed)

I can second the stop gap. The immunity is insane and allows positioning when in a tough spot. Plus if you get a fade away annointment you get a nova on the end of fade away or gitm

Gamma Burst build:
Shield - Red Suit
Artifact - Depending on the mayhem modifiers, I go with the Atom Balm for pure radiation buff, or the elemental one that boosts dmg by 183% if you have a DoT on your character.