Fl4k Wishlist, ideas, and discussions

Thought I’d share some of my personal ideas of what I, as a Fl4k-only player, would like to see for our murderous bot.

Class Mods:: A lot of us aren’t really happy with some of the mods that are available to Fl4k. Some are unreliably bugged (St4kbot), others are dangerous due to crashes (Rakk P4k), and others are just plain awful and should be burned in a fire (Rakk Commander). So here are some ideas that would make me happy.

Killing an enemy while Fade Away is active refills the magazine of the currently held gun. While Fade Away is on Cooldown, reloading your weapon increases the damage of the next shot by +50%.

  • Overclocked
  • Turn Tail and Run
  • Galactic Shadow

I’ve wanted a CM for Fade Away for a while I think something like this would be cool. The ammo refill would help the Action Skill be useful for mobbing especially since the duration is so low; reloading cuts too much time into the AS’s usage. I also like CMs to be a bit flexible so having a secondary effect is great. The skills I think compliment the Class Mod as well.

While Fl4k’s pet is below half health Fl4k and his pet gain bonus Damage Reduction and Elemental Resistance.

While Fl4k’s pet is on Cooldown or unequipped; Fl4k gains bonus Movement Speed, Fire rate, and weapon damage.
+13% Daamage Reduction
+30% Elemental Resistance
+15% Movement Speed
+10% Fire Rate
+20% Weapon Damage

-The Fast and the Furryous
-Rage and Recover
-Barbaric Yawp

I think a Class Mod like this would lead to more ways to play Fl4k. It promotes different builds and you get something out of your pet not existing and/or being suicidal (I’m looking at you Pet that Rushes to Wotan and dies immediately).

Dominance Replacement
I hate this thing so much. It hurts to go all the way down the Master tree because you want those skills and not wanting to waste the 1 point to reach the capstone because it’ll be an utter waste of a point. I’d like something along the lines of;

4rmored Beast
Provides Fl4k’s pet with armor. While the pet’s armor is down, it gains bonus Movement Speed and Attack Speed.
+20% Movement Speed
+100% Attack Speed

Makes your pet more resilient and gives them a buff when they’re getting whittled down. I thought giving it Armor is more fitting than a shield considering Fl4k is a robot and would want their pets to be less fleshy? Shields on a pet was done by Deathtrap so yeah.

Assuming that a 4th skill tree becomes a thing I’d like any of the following beasts as a pet (in order of WANT):

  • Varkid
  • Stalker
  • an Eridian Guardian

As far as Action Skills go, I’m gonna go with a Freakin’ Laser. The tree itself could be based on Shock damage, using shock weapons, skills, and items to boost Fl4k’s offensive capabilities (the idea is of a Robot tapping into a power source). Could have skills that give things bonus shock damage, or makes Fl4k into a Transformer Shield-type of being.
Other options would be to go the Wilhelm route and do some robotic enhancements that change Fl4k’s look and performance. Can we get thrusters? Self-Destruct? make our pets self-destruct? Infinite power (ammo) for Shock Weapons? Turn our pets into a Shock Skag/Spiderant/Jabber etc?

That’s all I got for now. Any comments, questions, concerns? What would you like to see?


That might be a tad broken with guns that reload after every shot…

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Numbers are arbitrary. Could be lower/higher depending on balance. What’s important is the idea. I was never good at numbers.

I really don’t feel comfortable about Rage bot. I don’t like the thought of FL4K getting any kind of bonus for the pet dying. I get wanting to have some benefit when their faulty AI decides to suicide, but FL4K is a Beastmaster. Asking for a Beastmaster to be rewarded for losing a companion is like asking Sal to be rewarded for using 1 gun. Ideally, GB would fix the issue and give us some way to use the attack command or ping system to move the pets out of death traps. Even if they don’t do that though, I’d personally rather not get anything at all then get a bonus. We should be hurting when our pet dies, we’ve lost a valued hunting partner.


I will absolutely be disappointed if Fl4k doesn’t eventually get a Saurian. Given what we have seen of them in-game they could satisfy both a strong melee pet style and range style since they have been shown to be able to have powerful ranged weaponry grafted onto them.

As for a new tree, I very much would like to see something that creates much stronger synergy between Fl4k and their pet, increasing their effectiveness as a “team”. The three trees we have now more or less are very focused on one or the other, and I think it would be interesting for a tree to be built from ground up to supplement the existing trees by covering the pet and Fl4k’s current weaknesses.

Right now, it’s very sad that the beastmaster’s pet might as well just be a prop since it barely does anything end-game and is usually just a liability and not at all worth putting yourself in danger to revive.

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Well, some people would play a pet-less build (just because they’re a beastmaster doesn’t force you to use a beast). I personally like my companions BUT if they ARE going to be going down a lot on builds that aren’t tailored to their survival, I’d appreciate a little bit of a boost to compensate for the loss of the pet (you miss out not only on damage, but valuable aggro-hogging).

Reminds me of a Raid run I did a couple days ago where my pet spiderant survived a few nukes while healing me saving the run. Best girl.
She still died immediately when entering the arena by charging at Wotan.

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That’s exactly the thing though. Build diversity is good, but I think there are times when it goes too far. You already have crit builds that don’t care too much about the pet. It shouldn’t ever be desirable for a beastmaster to lose their pet. And I don’t see why it needs to be an option for people to play a pet-less build when it is never the case that other characters need a build where they can ignore a core element of the class. It only becomes an issue for two fights.

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The Master tree does a pretty good job imo. It gives both the pets and FL4K 100% damage, gives both health and health regen, and gives both damage reduction.

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The master tree to me is almost there, though the bad capstone and underwhelming effect most of the buffs have on the pet are not so great in my opinion, but could change if gearbox ever buff pets to be stronger in mayhem mode or make them benefit from Fl4k’s gear.

I want a dino pet and a melee action skill. The melee action skill would be a thresher attached to fl4ks arm with a skill tree augment to pull enemies to you and the action skill can be put on your attack command for reduced range but can be used in conjunction with fadeaway. Fl4k should be the melee character we were promised!

100% of 50 damage is 50. Pets need a bigger buff

But they need it in the right places, and Master isn’t it. Master is pulling its weight enough, the first 3 tiers give the pets 120% damage and life steal off of your damage. There are plenty of other places that would benefit the pet far more at this point. Gamma Burst itself could use some retweaking, and Sic Em’ could stand to be adjusted for higher values.

Once you know the damage numbers for each pet and what they scale off of, it’s pretty clear that Gearbox intends the pet’s damage to come from attack commands. Since we’re working with a much larger number, that 100% buff starts to mean a lot more. 100% of 50 is 50, but 100% of 20,000 is another 20,000.

Which attack command does 20,000 damage? Asking for a friend.

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Countess and Gunslinger do 17330 base. Not exactly 20k, but pretty close.

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I belive the War Loarder is excelent pet , thrust her, Very safe

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I am not sure what kind of exchange has just occurred here but I am :rofl:


Fl4k should be able to activate Action Skills while shooting.