Fl4kk game changer- Slaughter shaft/mobbing game changer-

Hi guys, I discovered this new piece of tech which is a game changer for Fl4k. To do this, you will simply need a Red Fang Legendary class mod, and any other class mod of your choice (I used the friend bot legendary emod in my testing).

  1. Select your pet (I used the great horned skagg) and the gamma burst action skill. Make sure the Red Fang mod is equipped.

  2. Use the gamma burst action skill.

  3. Go back into the menu, and swap your Red Fang mod to the legendary mod of your choice.

  4. If desired, change your action skill after the gamma burst action skill has ended.

The result is that your pet will draw the aggro/taunt effect of the Red Fang mod (even without the gamma burst action skill active), but you are free to use any legendary mod or action skill of your choice. You may switch your mod to the friend bot to always have your pet up for a second wind (my choice, since after the pet dies and disappears, the effect goes away); bounty hunter mod; etc. You may also stay with gamma burst as your action skill, or you may switch to rakks (I haven’t tried this with fade away yet). As no enemy will target Fl4k unless within 10-15 feet of him, your primary role will be doing enough dps to keep your pet up. I had no problem doing this most of the time in slaughter shaft (missile turrets, anointed, and Goliaths do the most damage), and the time my pet did die, all I had to do is get a kill (with the friend bot mod equipped), and he was back up.

Enjoy your easy Slaughter Shaft clears!


Forgot to add that the effects appear to wear off with fast travel.

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Lol nice find, but expect it not to work after next patch now :rofl:

It seems the menu is giving up more possibilities for builds than the game itself, moze has quite a few of this interactions.

Good way to get around the ■■■■■■■■ Gamma Burst bug where if you use it to revive your pet by the end of the SS you might as well not have an action skill since it takes a lifetime to get it back.

Normally I don’t play with exploits. But in this case, until they fix this giant glaring bug that should have never made it to release if they did even a little bit of testing, I will be using this.

It’s really disappointing because my gamma build could clear it with ease. But it’s pretty unavoidable to have your pet get 1 hit every time Gamma is down. So you are left choosing to not even use your action skill or end up having the timer compound forever. If it was just 1 minute after reviving like it’s supposed to be, it would be so easy to finish.