Fl4k's 4th Skill Tree Thoughts

Dude, I don’t know why Gearbox is afraid of designing good FL4K pet COMs. They’ve designed 3 for Moze at this point (not exactly a pet but Raging Bear, Flare, and…heck, most of her COMs work great with IB) and it’s not like the Deadeye and Red Fang are slouches either.

There are only 2 FL4K damage skills (Monkey Do and Agility Training) in the entire tree and 5 pet damage skills (Gotta Go Fast, Agility Training, Success Imminent, Throatripper, Monkey Do). If the COM effect was for pets, the skills boosted should’ve been for pets as well. I don’t think that’s asking for too much.

This COM is like having a Bear Tropper boost Armored Infantry, Behind the Iron Curtain, and Vladof Ingenuity.


I don’t play any other character. I ONLY play Fl4k. If I don’t like Fl4k’s tree then I don’t have anything at all to look forward to when it comes to that part of the Designer’s Cut.

I’m tempted to ask whoever is responsible for this ABSOLUTE ABOMINATION for them to explain themselves. This shows a lack of a fundamental understanding of the character. I refuse to believe that whoever came up with this tree, and this COM, played Fl4k at a high, end-game, Level. I just don’t believe it.
This Fl4k content is so obviously made by someone who doesn’t play Fl4k, or might not even play the game, like seriously.

Yes I’m upset. I had to deal with Dominance, I had to deal with Rakk Commander, Tr4iner, and so much more. Then they want to sell me a second season and this is how they start? No. No.


This is absolutely terrible, and I’m sorry but I’m finally gonna bundle the whole tree as a concept with it it too: it’s terrible. The tree + class mod is the most failed attempt at giving FL4K some sort of bandaid fix for pets, but that type of thing would never fix them. Skill recycling, underwhelming new skills, Fuzzy Math which was holding the skill tree together to begin with nerfed, a damage skill that only applies to single shots, a single hunter skill on a new tree (why not make it interesting? seems like a trend with paid content for FL4K at this point), a capstone to rival old Dominance in uselessness… and now yet another terrible class mod.

Meanwhile, Zane gets more crit at a t2 skill than FL4K in their whole Hunter tree (unless you count Ambush Predator as applicable to most builds, which it never is) and makes Skag Den Moze look like a joke without even needing mayhem scaling for it… then Amara of course. Is there really a reason we couldn’t get any meaningful amounts of actual good skills? Why don’t we get interesting damage skills to go along with it but the characters with access to actual skill tree immortality through lifesteal do?

This class mod is a bigger joke than Tr4iner, and as expected it boosts the most actually useless stuff in that tree. Keep Them Safe’s description feels like reading Tr4iner’s, it’s hoop after hoop to get to an useless point.


Technically they have a little under two weeks, over 3 weeks if you count the tree’s reveal, to have fixed their mistake of ignoring damage for shields, ontop of shields, ontop of shields.
Will they use the time to add damage numbers/bonuses to this failure of a tree and com? Probably not. I really hope they do though. The point of having Beta Testers is to provide a good product. They have had time to receive feedback too.
If they don’t do something I’ll just assume they think there’s nothing to fix and THAT is not gonna sit right with me.

wish I knew some devs @'s to tag them. I might be overreacting and they have changed things OR actually do know things that I’m not aware of that would have changed my perception. lol


The kind of change needed to make this at least not terrible already surpasses what I expect to be done at all, considering the track record of FL4K issues, fixes and buffs, especially to underwhelming skills (Ambush Predator still exists in its current form).


With the new class mod, it makes me wonder if they even bothered making AC more responsive/better or if class mod is just a bandaid fix while Loader is most responsive. I haven’t played BL3 in a while and these past few days isn’t getting me back into it either.


I’ve already talked about the tree but, looking at the capstone again, it really sucks, how in the world can they call 16 seconds a “short” cooldown.

The skill shouldn’t have a cooldown at all.
Its effectively the same as using full can of whoop-ass with the shield anoint that increases shield capacity after exit iron bear.

Plus fixing it that way would let it act as a effective buff for rakk attack, letting it heal your health and regen your shield.

FL4K should of never got a tree that focused on survivability. Let alone SHIELDS. It doesn’t fit their character or kit at all. There are so many cooler concepts to base a new FL4K skill tree off of: Action skill damage, taunts, confusion, radiation effectiveness, literally ANYTHING but survivability.

Chances are they really ■■■■■■ this skill tree up. They finally changed the bottom portion of blue tree to be useful, but now they have a whole entire purple tree to worry about. Hopefully we are all proven wrong, and this skill tree is secretly amazing, or maybe there’s another Trapper focused class mod we haven’t seen yet that’s super strong.


I guess getting both Throatripper and Big Game on the new class mod was too much to ask for


I mean, we have a solid core of skills in this tree: Throatripper, Take This, Monkey Do, and Fuzzy Math have good synergy, and Agility Training + Gotta Go Fast are solid as well. The issue comes from the other half of the skill tree being super situational or completely redundant with other skills. It doesn’t help that most of the good skills in the tree (Agility Training, Throatripper, Gotta Go Fast) are basically just better versions of base game skills so we didn’t really get new powerful skills but reworked versions of old skills.


Cosmic Stalker man. Still lets you get high pet crit chance but gives you better damage.


Certainly. But I wanted higher

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I know. But hey, 28% is still pretty good. We’re gonna need to take what we can get from this tree.

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I want to TAKE its life. Bury every skill individually in unmarked graves across the six galaxies.

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Hasn’t that been FL4K’s pets motto for a while?


Alright so, seeing that this mod doesn’t benefit Pets at all, lets see what it could be about. To me it seems to be focused on making the pet an NPC in a way. This com seems to give the pets with more supportive attack commands a way to be more independent in a way I think. You could probably trigger AC with a Hunter Seeker while focusing on another enemy and lets say use the Horned Skag knockback or the Eridian Skag Singularity. You could also have the Ion Loader Orb in the field without thinking too much about it.

As for sinergies of things that are triggered by AC, hopefully it triggers anoints and would work with Life Steal AC anoint (effectively giving FL4K passive life steal, an indirect survival buff). Terror Pet Damage would be applied more efficiently and it would be more of a big passive for the pets at that point. Granted, the AC responsiveness would probably hold these back unless they tweak it in the next patch.

I haven’t mentioned the skills the mod boosts, cause most of us can agree they are pretty much null. Shield R. Rate and Delay aren’t too useful when you can force the shield to recharge, so useless skill to get. A capstone on a mod sounds ridiculous until you realize most capstones in this game aren’t really capstones, and Capacitance is one of the worse offenders in its current state. Yeah, you could potentially get 200% more shields (and maybe a passive 1 mil shield very soon), But why? Why would I want that when it will get deleted in 4 shots. It needed something like Confident Conpetence from Zane to make it good (but that’s besides the point). Keep them Safe seems to be the main interaction with this mod, but that is implying the skill is worth investing in it. But hey, at this point it is just another passive no need to spec into it. So I guess the whole idea of the mod is giving most of FL4K’s underused kit as passives(?).


Since it makes good rolls harder to find by taking up to 3 points from the limited pool, at least what counts for good rolls, Better Toys might well be considered not just useless on the com but actually making it worse.

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Ah yes. The Ambush Predator of Purple Tree.


aw come one man that was a perfect chance for a kylo ren meme. lol jk.

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I’m hoping people eventually get around to making modded class mods again, that sounds like the only way to give us the mods we actually could use/want.

Since we can’t just get straight skill points on class mods, to use how we want.