Fl4k's Call Build

Before we begin… Yes Fl4k has more broken builds. I personally believe the Torgue nonsense is unintended and is a prime candidate for the nerf hammer so not going to focus on it. This build is for those who want an early endgame build that can be scaled to the top tier with further gear investment.

So what you’ll need.

Primary Weapon: King’s Call, Queen, anything with Call on the back of it. I like the look of the Kings Call so this is what we are using. Use it during Fade Away only or get use to reloading alot.

Both these revolvers are easy to farm for “Tyreen Boss fight” and has perfect sysnergy with Fade Away. Both these revolver special talent is crits refund 3 bullets back at the magazine and send 3 homing bullets to the nearest enemy, or if there are no enemies back at the original target. Reason being when combined with Fade Away and Guerillas in the Mist = 8 seconds of uninterrupted madness. Down side is it has a 6 round mag and consumes 3 bullets. So if you’re not getting crits…its not a good DPS weapon.

Recommend Weapons: For extreme mobbing and abuse Leave No Trace and Headcount… Dasterdly Maggie.

So what happens when you dont have Fade Away. Outside of eager to impress the next best option to refresh Fade Away is Headcount. The best way to a use Headcount is getting high fire rate and most important pellet count. The Maggie’s solves both. The Maggie combined with Megavore pretty much guarantees crits with helps proc Headcount and leave no trace. And for trash mobs Maggie with Fade Away is the best at clearing the screen.

Important skills: 2 Fang, Megavore, Leave No Trace. Headcount… everything else is personal preference.

Action Skill: Fade Away, Guerrillas in the Mist, Unblinking Eye.

Important gear: Personal Preference. Try to get bonuses to Jacob’s Crit Damage, Pistol Damage, Action Skill Cooldown.

Q/A: Can you use The Power Inside…sure but this build is mostly focused on all around gameplay. The build doesnt need anymore damage…it needs utility. Megavore just brings too much to the table if you’re using a Maggie correctly which should be moving and shooting as fast as possible.