FL4K's Cosplay Guide

FL4K’s Cosplay guide is now available! Take a look at the Beastmaster here!


Show us your FL4Ks!


@Jordangold527 HEY HEY WE GOT OUR ENBY ROBOT! They’re gonna be wonderful.


Fl4k is wearing a lot of layers it seems. Is it possible to ask for a breakdown of those layers? Seems like they’re wearing a jacket (w/ a hoodie?), vest (or is that their toned abs?), and uhh raggedy white oversized T-shirt? Oversized raggedy red scarf?
It’s really hard for me to tell. May the designer, or any qualified person give me an individual wardrobe item list for Fl4k? I’d appreciate it.

@Noelle_GBX would it be possible to help me find out this info? Maybe push the Fl4k designer this way?
My apologies if not. Thanks.

I would also love to get a material breakdown of Fl4k’s wardrobe if possible or even the artists wardrobe inspiration for said materials would be incredibly helpful. Thank you!