Fl4k's Health Bar

I noticed watching gameplay that Fl4k has a regular red health bar like all the other vault hunters, is this a mistake? As a robot, shouldn’t he have a yellow health bar and be weak to corrosive damage and resist Fire Damage? I actually really enjoyed that about Cl4P-TP in the pre-sequel since it felt more immersive (he didn’t even need Oxygen which was cool).

I’m hoping that it’s a mistake and it will be fixed by the time the game comes out or shortly after if it’s too late.

Thoughts on this?

I don’t know what FL4K’s elemental resistances and susceptibilities are - that hasn’t been released yet. However, they wouldn’t be the first character to have a standard red health bar like that. Wilhelm in BL2, for example, also had a red one although when he first spawns you can briefly see a small yellow one above his head. Claptrap also didn’t have a yellow health bar in TPS.

Pragmatically, it’s probably just easier for the developers if all playable characters use the same UI on the HUD (including the colour of the health bar).

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You know, I hadn’t played TPS in a couple of years or so and CL4P-TP for longer than that and I could have sworn his health bar was Yellow. I must have remembered incorrectly. Mandela Effect I guess.

In that case, maybe I spoke too soon and the resistances/weaknesses are correctly applied for that of a Robot rather than Fleshy VH.

I don’t trust my memory anymore.

Probably just to keep it like the rest, they will have the health bar as per. Like Zer0.

In TPS, Claptrap’s bar was red, but he took bonus corrosive damage and reduced fire. Fl4k is more than likely going to be the same way.