Fl4k's Monkey Do! Skill issues

Tested yesterday. Since I love the design of the skill so much, I went for a test so I could use it to the fullest in my sniper builds, but unfortunately I’m extremely disappointed.

Issue 1: Amped damage STILL doesn’t work properly.
No matter how many points you add to the skill, only +86.666667% amp will be applied
Even with 9 skill points invested, which would give you +109% amp damage, it will only do the +86.666667% amp damage, which representes +6.19 skill points. Its a shame such a cool design is not being implemented ideally.

Issue 2: Amped damage makes all elemental damage non elemental
Im ok with that, but this seems to be another mistake so Id love a raw amp damage buff that compensates for the lack of elemental damage.

Issue 3: The class mod does not spawn with +5 Monkey Do!
The skill cannot get to +10, which would add a lot to the design of this niche skill.

Another skill that has so many bugs it simply not worth to invest time or skill points. Which is trend in Fl4ks purple tree.
Literally the only direct damage buff to fl4k and yall still messed that up.


Honestly fix all skills in the game, its been 2 years of nonstop hotfixes. Couldnt you fix the texts in each skill, make the designs work as intended and fix all synergies so the player knows whats actually going on?


This is where I shake out. If they either cannot or don’t want to change skills to function as described on the card, at least change the card to reflect the actual values provided by the skill or to accurately describe how the skill functions. This way players won’t be misled and disappointed when they find out these skills are not very good.

Also, looks like you did some good testing. Thanks for posting it.


Can I ask what gun you tested this with?

Last time I’m aware of it being tested was months back and for single pellet guns it gave 87% damage, but if you used a multi-pellet gun that bonus got split between pellets. So a 6 pellet gun would be getting about 14.5% from the skill.

So 1 of two things are at play.

  1. you only tested with a set pellet count weapon and just missed another of monkey do’s unstated terms and conditions.
  2. Something was changed about the skill and its miraculously worse than it was at release.
    3. a math error has occurred.

I used the first gun you get in the game (the Jakobs pistol) and another jakobs pistol to make sure.
In my test I saw a HUGE increase once (86% + 20% I believe)
I even thought it was stacking or something, since I did the test for half an hour and saw this only once I ignored

Only 1 pellet guns were used, since it was my focus lol

As a Fl4k player (we were spoiled with how hard hitting Fl4k was in comparison to other vhs, but thats another discussion) seeing how fl4k could have so many more synergies since the design of this vault hunter is top notch
is pretty sad, we can do so much more
And seeing these issues without fix for years when they are crucial mechanics is pretty frustrating.

CORRECTION the damage numbers were inverted (English is not my mother language so I wrote this whole thing previously to make as little mistakes as possible, in that process I made the 14% the result to make a point, instead of part of the calculation to point out the actual increase. I know its confusing)

A gun that deals 30K on body
will deal 56K
thats a +86.666% increase, that would represent between +6.19(lol) points in the skill
Im sorry for this mistake, the calculation (which tbh was FAR from complex) was right, the part that was wrong in the post was the number in the discussion, which was mixed in the middle of my translation and made the whole thing messy.

The post was corrected, once again Im sorry.

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That wouldn’t work.

In order to equal even the weakest element matching bonus (50% for cyro/rad) Monkey Do would need to be doubled to 150% percent amp. For Fire/Corrosive, it would need to be quadrupled to 300% to equal their bonus. For shock, it would need to be 500% to equal the matching bonus.

There is no way GBX would buff the skill to the level where it could compete with element matching, and they shouldn’t get to take the easy way out by buffing their way out of a bug. It should just be fixed.

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It would be a simbolic compensation
not a direct one
because it would be ridiculous, as you stated.