Fl4k's new pet I expected something else

Fl4k’s got a loader pet incoming
Robot on robot action things are getting kinky. Seriously thought we were getting a dino instead tho


I actually like it. Look at how much better gunslinger is than the other pets. As long as it has a gun it’ll probably be great.


It will be an Exploding Loader :rofl:

I still find it weird on a deep level Fl4k who is a robot turned another robot into a pet. This seems more like a weird S&M fetish for Fl4k if anything lol. N-not that I would know anything about stuff like that. I’m a pure christian boy.


I don’t want to whine, because I had lost hope on the fourth skill trees, and I’m actually glad to see they’re still coming.

But I really wish the BEASTMASTER got another beast as a fourth pet. Here are the first more fitting options that come to mind:

  • a varkid. They already evolve, so their perks would be no-brainers.

  • A ratch. You could have the first as a basic one, that can then turn into a ratch hive as a final perk, which may also spawn up to one extra mini ratch as an additional minion.

  • A saurian. Without going into tyrant size-range, there’s still so much you could do with them.

  • A wolven. Maybe this is far fetched, but it could have a perk to become a howler (and buff you/debuff enemies) or a hunter (cryo).

  • A creature from previous games. Like past Pandoran creatures (scythid, bullymong, crystalisk, stalker, crabworm, mini-drifter, mini-rakk hive, sandworm etc.) or even Elpis ones (we know that at least torks are tameable and can survive Earth-like atmospheres and pressures).

  • Make up a new creature. The galaxy must be filled with unknown alien life, unleash your creativity!


Yeah I would have loved a Varkid. A Loader (if real) seems meh. Only good thing is that a Loader doesn’t need to make noise when idle (unless they make it beep obnoxiously for no reason).


i wanted a tresher or stalker
but dino would be obvious


I was hoping for a scythid (mentioned it on here before, it’d be cool), but I’d have liked a bullymong, thresher or crystalisk as an option too.
Not sure about the idea of a loader, though saw someone suggest that it could be an animal brain in a loader shell, given how the rest of his pets are apparently injured and repaired by him. So, a ratch-brained loader pet?
Might be interesting. I look forward to seeing it and finding out.


A thresher would be fun I think. Turn him into a Wormhole Thresher :thinking:


ofc! but the eridian skag already has the singularity
the tresher would fit fit it better
but a stalker could go invisible together with fl4k :smiley:


Had to :joy:


fl4k found jimmy jenkins and gave him a new home like all their other pets obviously


And then you and your pets invisibility wears off and then the group of annointed enemies be like


I was hoping for a uplifted saurian that constantly talks back to you about how a proud creature like itself is put into a pet role when you should be the one on all fours begging for a treat and Fl4k just never understands it and just says stuff like good boy. Kind of like a stewie from family guy type thing.


Hahahah, that’s a great idea! I guess loaders are supposed to be sentient, so we might still see something like that with the fourth pet. Let’s at least hope that it actually gets a personality and doesn’t just act like a generic BL3 loader.

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I really want a thresher on fl4k melee build with nekro bugs or ratch pet

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My personal hope was for a thresher, but then again consider this: of all the spiderant evolutions available in the franchise, we got a fire spiderant that dies to fire, and a corrosive ant that gets wrecked by corrosion and both have much tinier AOE than their enemy counterparts. Off all the variants of badass skags (especially the BL1 variant, I always thought they looked so cool) and alphas and rabids, we got a random invention in eridian skag and a normal skag with a horn. All the Jabbers are just normal Jabbers with different guns.

We aren’t getting the coolest variants of previous creatures in Borderlands, we’re getting whatever watered variants GB creates specifically for FL4K. And in that regard, since the loaders were always rather basic, there is actually some room for creativity here. I doubt it will be a normal loader, so it should be something mildly interesting.


I’m hoping for that Wee Loot War Loader, geer dezus did those things wreck.

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this means another set of anoints for gods sake this game is hopeless

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Do those anointments concern you?

Honestly as long as it comes with new content I couldn’t care less. This game’s endgame is less than desirable, so as long as I can build my character horizontally (more options for doing the same things), I don’t care if the vertical aspects (more powerful ways of doing the same thing) gets shafted.

I don’t mind making the best of what I find, so if it dilutes the pool so be it. I’d always rather have more content than expect the game to go backwards and not release new things for the sake of making farming easier. And let’s be real, no matter how much we complain, GB is never going to completely revamp every anointment so there’s no point in waiting on that to get new skill trees.