Fl4k's new pet I expected something else

No, you’re not misreading what it does. Yes I’m serious. You’ll have a shield that refills with every shots then gets taken out with every shot. Our shields can’t even get as large as Moze, and even her’s get taken out without a Bloodletter for constant lifesteal regen.

Yes, you can abuse shield effects with this skill, but you already get pretty decent use of amp shields out of Fade and Gamma anyway and have more damage skills. Unless this skill works like Conduit for Athena, all that’ll happen is our shield will yoyo from full to empty with every shot.

Besides, atm we already have Red Fang Gamma and ASS Stop Gap, so the prospect of this skill doesn’t sound that amazing. Fuzzy Math is tier 5 in a tree that so far doesn’t seem to have a lot of damage skills, so you’d have to give up the bottom half of Stalker to get that skill if we don’t get a level cap increase. Would you want to give up everything below Lick the Wounds for it?

1.to play differently
2.to abuse shields

abusing amp or nova burner becomes easy and it will still be higher damage setup than gamma red fang with insane survival built into it. for me AMP abuse has always been the bane of bl2 and now fl4k can literally turn one shotter into AMP hose. this in turn will have implications such as further bloated health pool of bosses and raids which is fairly concerning aside from effortless survivability (6% seems like wayyyyy too much for 1 point investment). then there is also us some people who do not use anointed gear (i have my own set of rules for endgame) and when you can not use ass shenanigans this skill become even more valuable i would gladly give up some of my green tree for purple stuff

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If you get straight up healthgated from full shields and full health then it’s not going to be quite as useful but at least for me, even against M10 gun wielding enemies unless they manage to get a good burst in, that isn’t quite how my game tends to look like (I’m running Fade for what it matters). Yeah, it’s not quite lifesteal but it definitely has survivability uses. If the enemies aren’t denting your health from full shields constantly, it does indeed allow facetanking to a degree, just not quite as universally as lifesteal does. Goes well with the turtle and capacity prefixes for shields that allow those too.

Also none of us know what skills there are besides the few that were shown. Feels a bit weird to just say it won’t be worth going down the tree at this point. Sure, it might end up being true and it doesn’t look too appealing right now but I’d rather reserve that judgement for when we know what’s actually in there.

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