Fl4k's Origin = Geth?

Fl4K reminds me of the Geth, like Legion, from Mass Effect.

I’m still working through the story, so no spoilers please, if more of their history is revealed in-game. I would not mind a Mass Effect game, in the art-style and game-play of Borderlands. Really enjoying the game and characters.

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I don’t think Fl4k has much of an origin story. I thought it was the Loader Bot from Tales but was told by a GBX employee that it’s an original character. I’m curious as to where it came from, created/found its pets, and why it’s a hunter.

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I doubt we’ll ever find out. No one knows much about Zer0 and there’s very little known about the other vault hunters.


I like the mystery. Leaves a lot to the imaginations; in my daughters case, and mine to a, degree it leaves a lot of room for fan-fic and speculation.

There are certain things we “know” from Echos. Fl3k was basically a steward/librarian/archivist. Zer0 doesn’t breath hard when running(which indicates mad HIGH AF level ninja training or possible cybernetics.

Btw, does Zane breath hard when running? I heard that Zer0 and Zane trained at the same “academy of death dealing whatever” . Cool ■■■■! I ■■■■■■■ love Borderlands!

I’ma stop cause I be writing novels and ■■■■.

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@Gulfwulf what platform you on? PC?

Yeah he breathes really heavily. Like me after any activity when I smoked lol.