FL4K's pet collision(xbox 1 x)

Many people who play as FL4K will probably agree with this, since I’m not the only one who has mentioned it. But when trying to talk to anyone in-game, wait for quest to finish, examine an item(gear) or do ANYTHING that requires standing still, is near impossible. The pets get right behind you and starts nudging you slowly either forward or sideways. Or, when you, for example, check the lost loot machine, the pet walks right behind you and starts pushing you forward. Why does the pet even have collision with FL4K? It’s a simple fix, remove collision with all pets from player. Please add this in a hot-fix or next update.

Another problem, has spoilers:

After defeating aurelia, hammerlock’s sister, the Skag pet will do nothing against enemies. Until fast traveling to another area. It just sits still and will teleport to you once you’ve moved too far from its position.