Fl4k's pet is very aggressive :o

Is there anyway to put this guy on passive lol. I will be standing there and all of a sudden he runs into a camp and tries to agro everything. Or i was at ellies and he ran out to kill some of those little animals, he was so far away i couldnt even see him anymore haha.

Maybe if we had an aggressive/passive/defensive toggle like most pet classes do, that would be cool.
I like Fl4k tho, don’t get me wrong. I have tried all 4 classes now and he’s my guy.

YES! I want this too, a way to dismiss the pet so we can watch goliath’s go berserk on Ai.

his pet skag is #1 in my book, just perfect as is, I let it run ahead and it does wonders on clearing mobs out

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Can’t you just unequip him and go no pet?

They should let you give a sort of “come here and stay” command by pointing at the ground somewhere and pressing the pet attack key.

At a skag? Good luck :wink:
… or spiderant or “that other thing”.
I guess you/we will have to backup to take a break.

Stay put/go idle function would be a nice suggestion though.

My simple unupgraded skag does wonders by attracting aggro and lettng me to DPS. He is a good doctor too.

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