Fl4k's pets and how they function

So, I’ve been searching the internet for the answer about how fl4k’s pets work without any success. So I was wondering does fl4k’s work like zane’s drone does are he can command it to attack the target he specifically wants or is it only when you use the beast command skill which triggers a specific action to attack a target and all the other times the pet just wonders around attack anything close to it? Thank again for answering this question.

I’ve been avoiding it for spoiler reasons, but the FL4K game play video was apparently released today. Any clues in that?

You can command it to attack whomever you are attacking without using the skill. You tap the button to command it to attack that enemy in general, you hold the button to get your pet to do it’s ability.

I watched the gameplay it wasn’t really clear if you could, but from what I gathered it workd like the pet only attacks specific targets when you activate a beast command skill, although it wasnt clear if that was the only time you could issue a command. That’s what I hope geta cleared up. When I ask some youtubers how they worked they said they were unsure. Which is weird cuz they said they played it.

Short answer; Yes, you can command it to attack a target you’re aiming at BUT this “attack command” has a short cooldown before you can issue a command again (although it didn’t seem too long).

The Skill that also sorta-kinda issued a command to attack a target was the Gamma Burst/Rift Action Skill which teleports your pet to the target location and it gets buffed and stuff.

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Ah, thanks for clearing that up, I was very confused on how it worked.

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What is the cooldown of the pet’s command button? Why not written Gearbox!