Fl4ks pets are NOT ok the scorcher is BUGGED

I keep seeing “pet damage is fine”, “pet damage doesn’t need any more buffs” and many other comments almost entirely based off the fact that people have noticed the scorchers damage. People PLEASE understand, it’s an ACCIDENT, and UNINTENDED. Use ANY of the other pets at fl4ks disposal and you can clearly see pet damage with a fully specced pet build is still meh at BEST. Gearbox doesn’t need any confusion with this, the pets as a whole are completely suffering and people dont seem to understand that the scorchers damage is unintended somehow. There are several other people who are more qualified than me to explain this further but please people stop saying the pets are fine, it couldnt be further than that, dont confuse gearbox and give them mixed signals based off of a bug.


Totally agree. I see this way too much, especially around Reddit but in a lot of places, where people are putting pets on the same level as Clone and IB. It just isn’t true.


Preach brother!!

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This is why I don’t Reddit, spreading misinformation should be a crime. It would be one thing if they got called out on it and corrected their views, but we all know this wouldn’t happen.

How could even the Scorcher be placed near the same platform as other VH’s action skills? While it is true that FL4K’s pets arent an action skill, they are FL4K’s primary source of secondary damage/utility as 2/3 of their actions skills don’t technically deal damage. So it would be easy to argue that FL4K’s pets should be considered a psuedo action skill per say.

The arguement was always that FL4K could deal a lot of damage and didn’t need powerful pets. But now with recent scaling FL4K has been somewhat left behind.

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Gamma Burst is a thing though. Which confuddles me even more that there are people who are totally OK with an action skill sucky so bad because we have a band-aid COM for it that isn’t even that great of a COM unlike Seein Dead which would still be pretty good even without it’s red text.


Gamma Burst in all reality is very underwhelming. If Red Fang and URad didn’t exist, it would never be used.


Good to know!

The base theory behind Gamma Burst is pretty solid, the ability to teleport your pet, give them immunity to death and a damage bonus sounds like a Grand Slam. But in practice, it falls short on the pet damage very profoundly. The Master Tree in general has some very unrewarding benefits per skill point investment and a wasted Capstone. So this really limits Gamma Burst’s potential primarily due to terrible synergy and weak skills in the bottom half of Master tree.

Shared Spirit and Pack Tactics are okay with a URad Deathless build, but both the Hunter and Stalker tree produce noticeably more damage and versatility.


Don’t listen to me - I’ll use random purple-rarity COMs with my Gamma Burst FL4K if they focus on some skill that I want as the center of my combat on any given run.

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Funny thing, some of us extreme folk are doing M10 1-60 playthrough with different characters, I already did and complete with Moze IB, she’s broken and needs tuning and also am a bit stuck on a Zane playthrough.
On Borderlands Discord there is someone else that’s also doing a FL4K M10 1-60 playthrough and streamed it also so funny thing happened, he’s actually used Gamma Burst from the very start. Of course, he was struggling really badly the pet did barely any damage (Nowhere near even Zane’s clone damage)
So anyway, to the point: The corrosive puddle skag, there was something weird going on with it, at times the corrosive puddle would do like 200 damage dots, at other times it would suddenly go to 5k-7k dots which is extremely weird and there wasn’t anything changed in terms of anointments, so maybe they did buff pets, but like always never test it… though I’d expect even just regular attacks for pets to do some decent damage without activating Gamma Burst, but with Gamma Burst it should be pretty powerful so it’s not a Pet Tank and you do all the work…