FL4K's pets - can you get them to disengage?

Hi, does anyone know if FL4K’s pets can be commanded to disengage from fights? It seems that the only control he has over his pets is just on abilities but not when they should charge into a fight or stand down from it.

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Not sure about disengaging but if you hold your ability button while aiming at an enemy your pet will target and attack them

I’ve been wondering this as well. I’m having a blast playing FL4K so far but sometimes their pets keep leeroy jenkinsing things and aggroing enemies I don’t want to fight yet and I have to scramble to keep up. It’s kinda entertaining so I won’t mind if it turns out to be a quirk of playing the class, but it would be nice if they had a way to tell their pet to chill out and stick close to them.


I am also having a problem with this. In an area, like a bandit camp, where there are lots of enemies and you progressively move deeper into the area as you kill them, the pet just keeps going and you have to keep up with it, preventing you from setting your own pace or rest up if necessary. Worse, if the area is large enough, the loot from the beginning has despawned/disappeared by the time the pet stops and you can go back, so you lose out on loot.

The worst example of this was when we were driving in an area, passed some mobs that saw us, but we ignored them and kept driving to our destination. Once we got out of the vehicle, the pet spawns and runs for the hills, clear over the horizon to chase down those enemies that we aggro’d miles back. The audible groan we all let out at this is worthy of tales of legend. There need to be a limit on this or a way to command the pet to stay put, go passive or only operate within a certain distance of the player.


This, 200% this. I’m so glad I’m not the only one feeling this way. Kind of ruined the beastmaster fantasy for me, they are not tamed they are wild animals I’m cleaning up after! lol deff makes playing feel rushed and I don’t want to feel I’m missing out on playing or seeing things at my own pace because I have to keep a character mechanic alive. I’d like them to lower the aggro range or at a command to stay by my side until I attack again. Maybe I’ll go back to playing him if they fix this issue


Press up on the d-pad and you can send them away, they don’t stay away for very long though, I’m yet to find if there’s a wait/stay command.

I was worried that the pets might get a bit annoying, after maining Gaige for years and having Deathtrap get me killed dozens of times, or trapping me in areas, or leading enemy fire my way, or attacking the Bioshock Easter egg girl in the Scarlett DLC the one and only time she ever spawned. I’ve only played 2 hours or so and the pet has already annoyed me, I think I might start again as Amara.

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Pressing up on the D pad isn’t sending it away for me. If this does work somehow, would also like to know if there’s a command for it on mouse and keyboard (I have a controller to test the D-pad bit though).

I’m on PC so any tips for Mouse and Keyboard would be great! Thanks in advance!

Up on the D-pad just marks a target. I’ve only tried it a few times, but I have yet to see the pet react to it.

There really should be a way to get it to heel, or at least set it to a defensive rather than aggressive mode.


I would like an option to disable him altogether, not just change between aggressive and defensive. I like getting Badass Goliath’s to max rank before I kill them so I get better loot, but often he just chases my pet or my pet will kill him. Being able to deactivate him for a short time would make it so much easier to rank them up before I kill them.

It looks like a few of us Fl4K players are having the same issues!

Wonder if anyone from Gearbox can comment!

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Same here, I have used d pad to put a target on something nearby so my jabber stays close. Its worked maybe 2 or 3 times.

He is usually ahead of me causing trouble. Kind of like my kids so I’m used to it.

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This is the exact issue I’m having with Flak. I thought he was going to be my main but I ended up changing to another character because of how annoying Flak’s pets can be during gameplay

  1. Their noises. They keep making noises every few seconds which makes it annoying when trying to listen to audiologs or the story missions. Wish there was an audio option to mute pet sounds

  2. My playstyle is more of a laid back and snipe or shoot from behind cover. I like to engage from far away so the enemies have to tunnel to me and then I can mow them all down. With a pet it is basically forcing me to have a run & gun type of playstyle because the pet keeps attacking everybody even if they are on the other side of the map. My map doesn’t even have red dots yet and the pet is charging ahead at some invisible enemies that haven’t spawned on my map yet. It is so infuriating! On top of that if you are going through an area you can’t really explore as well as other characters due to this. The pet keeps rushing you ahead and along.

You could say that I could just ignore the pet and have my pet keep dying all the time but that isn’t a workaround as once he targets stuff he can die and then they all come to you when you were just trying to stay back and regain some health back or loot some chests. I’d really like it if, as somebody else suggest somewhere, the pets could have a “Defensive Stance” to where they only attack when I’m being attacked or when I Sic them on somebody. And they stay near my side. Then obviously “Attack Stance” would be the default that is what we have now just in case somebody prefers that type of playstyle.

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Up on the d pad is only marking for locations and items etc. To target an enemy for your pet hold the action button. L bumper for xbox, unsure of others.

You can respec points and jus don’t select the pet. I always taut he was annoying but 50 hours in I could not bare it anymore!

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Same here i really want Gearbox to add the option for us to make the pet go away and call it only when we want or at least a command to send him away or make him wait etc i really want this badly thats the only issue im having with Fl4k

I get this especially, hijacking vehicles is impossible when you keep getting them blown up by your companion.