FL4K's rakk damage sclaing?

How much do rakks do as you level up? how much does adding 2 more rakk do? does it double? does the area increase too? does the area damage go down as you get further from the center of it?

Rakks scale alright, if you ask me though adding 2 more is best if you’re going against tougher enemies or many of them… If you’re on first play through still - you will pretty often see the extra rakk fly in a circle and not target anything because the first 2 did enough damage.

I go with the extra charge + Cooldown augment, along with the life steal one. My Fl4k is level 26 currently, so if you’re asking about Mayhem modifiers or end game rakk damage I don’t know sorry

I’m level 50 and casually running around on mayhem 1, the rakk seem to do decent damage on UNSHIELDED enemies. They don’t do much to shields though. Strip the shields and let the Rakk go to work.

Side note, I use extra charge/cooldown augment and life steal as well. I’m gonna try the extra Rakk augment tonight though because I don’t think the lifesteal makes a big enough impact. I’d rather use transfusion grenades to heal and up the Rakk damage

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I have enough cd reduction that Rakks are only on a 5 second recharge as it is. I find the +2 and +healing the best combo for me. A 3rd charge isn’t needed when after a bit of CD stacking its up faster than I could use.

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Seems like 2 is enough. I haven’t rocked a Rakk build for FL4K yet, but I’m going to, and with enough cooldown, I don’t see the point of 3 charges.

I’ve also heard that the Rakks can hit for over 20k each in a good build…before the buff.

No one seems to like extra charges much it seems…

When I fought warden my gear was sub par, so I needed the extra charge (and a fourth from my anointed fire AR) in order to clean up the mobs that jump down consistently enough that he wouldn’t level up.

4 rakk would be about the same as 4 charges of 2…but I never feel like they’re wasted with the extra charges is all I’m saying

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The main point of of rakk is to trigger your annointed gear bonus. Also rakk with cryo bonus is a nice crow control

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get an anointed weapon for a free charge and no cooldown increase. i use that rn for several of my builds

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thats what I thought. ty

I love using those dam birds!

Good idea

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Thank you! if you dont see it when entering sanctuary just save and quit until you do instead of waiting 20 mins

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