Fl4ks skag pet/master tree is awful?

i tried playing the master tree because its like the only build that buffs the health of your pet and actually utilizes your pet attacks/importance with gamma burst but jeez i never had my pet die until i played this talent tree and boy does the skag pet die A LOT… im dissapointed becuase i thought this was supposed to be a good beginner build but its given me so much trouble and casued so much frustration that i want to not play this tree ever again. am i just bad or does anyone else feel this way?

So far it’s been great coupled with a small investment in the Stalker tree. Get the first tier health boost/regen bonus and then the three points in the second tier that shares 100% of your regen with the pet and you’re good to go.

After I get everything I want from the Master tree, I’ll invest more in Stalker, which should be just enough to give me access to the full array of Jabbers and Fade Away augments. Then I can switch pets and Action Skills depending on my mood.

The spiderant isn’t much better. It has some tanking ability, but it will die if there’s more than 4 enemies on screen, and it’s not always worth reviving it. It’s damage output is abysmal.
The Rakk Attack is cool, though.

Pet build seemed really fun to me it was the first tree i went into and it works fine in normal and tvhm but its pretty much useless in mayhem 3 the pet scaling is just no good

Counterintuitively, the best way to start a FL4K pet build is to avoid the Master tree entirely and go 8 deep into Stalker for Self-Repair and BFF’s, as mentioned by a previous poster. Once you’re there, you might as well drop in a couple more points so you can get Lick the Wounds, your pet’s rez ability, and unlock the next jabber pet tier.

The Beefcake jabber is pretty awful, FL4K’s worst pet imho, but he comes free with the rez ability and he does a little more damage than the Sidekick.

After that, do as you like. A good pet build makes Normal a breeze and will get you through a decent chunk of TVHM, though as things are now you’ll probably want to switch to a crit build if you make it to endgame.

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If you’re looking for a good beginner build, like @Razorback said, you can make Fl4k work by skipping Master entirely. However, if you want a true beginner build that feels relatively strong and stable right out of the gate just use a different character.

Before BL3 was released everyone was speculating that Fl4k was the go-to solo build because, I’m guessing, the tank would hold aggro. Surprise, it totally doesn’t, and it never will (in its current state). Even if you dump health into Stalker the pet will absolutely survive late to end game content, but will you?