Fl4k's Two f4ng is so bad it shouldn't be a tier 3 skill

It’s great with snipers (only jakobs tho), okay.
But what the hell is wrong with this skill ?
Add an extra projectile ?
Once you have a high fire rate it will just multiply your overall dps by 1.25 (25%), which is insanely bad for a 5 points tier 3 skill. The same goes for multi pellet guns, one projectile when you already shoot 2 will be a 18.75% damage increase, and it goes even worse when you fire more projectiles.
3 projectiles = 16.6666%
4 projectiles = 15.625%

10 projectiles = 13.75%

Seriously, there is absolutely no reason for this skill to be a tier 3 one.
It is just so bad if you don’t play with a jakobs sniper.

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It’s a 25% chance to double damage on single projectile weapons…

A lot of weapons benefit from it. Slug shotguns with 1 or 2 projectiles, any single pellet SMG or pistol, rocket launchers. Weapons with special bullet behaviors, like the Lyuda and Sawbar, also benefit from it immensely.

doubling the damage is only good on low fire rate high damage guns.
Once you need a lot of bullet to kill one ennemy doubling the damage won’t do anything, it becomes just a 25% multiplier. (5% per point yepeeee)
The skill is terrible in this state.

Just like many other skills it has a specific function that doesnt benefit every single gun. Its a good skill with the right build but worthless for other builds

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That’s fairly in line with the other tier 3 skills though. Overclocked gives a total 20% fire rate at 5/5 (4% per point). Hive mind gives 5% damage reduction per point.

One shot one kill also only really worked on specific weapons, but it was great for those weapons. I don’t think every skill needs to work the same with every weapon. Megavore has far more benefit to the types of weapons 2fang is weak(er) with imo.

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They should just make the skill like it was on zero, give a chance to fire twice.
It would be just a little worse on certain weapons but overall way better for the vast majority.
It would also reduce the efficiency of fl4k’s ability to replenish ammo, which was an issue before the patch

Wait, does FL4K’s Tw0 F4ng work like Mordecai’s Gun Crazy instead of Zero’s skill?

If so, then awesome, I might actually go for it then. I wasn’t a fan of sniping and sometimes my shot would eat more ammo and also kick twice as hard on some shots. I like consistency when sniping, if it eats the ammo but doesn’t include the extra kick I’d be pretty happy with it.

Uh, what? A 25% multiplier is pretty good. What other tier 3 skills can you even compare this to?


I have it on almost all my builds. Love the skill. Sometimes ill do 4/5 instead for a 1/5 chance depending on my set up.

Lick the wound is a 1 point skill that gives a utility so good it’s almost a to go on every fl4k build,
turn tail and run gives 24% damage, damage reduction and health regen, while being only a 3 point skill.
Psycho head is also bad but that has to do with the pet’s damage.
Hive mind boosts your total toughness by 17%.
Also, every other tier 3 gives the option between 2 skills, but not with two f4ngs.
It is the worst tier 3 skill of fl4k (not counting psycho head because the pet is useless for damage, and the skill can’t change that)

Isnt it a 5% overall dps increase per point perk ? im not good at math but that seems like a 25% increase in damage at the end of the day, its kinda good, i mean, not mindblowing but a nice thing to add, there are worst tier 3 perks across all characters.

the problem is it’s a 5 points skill, and it only works with certain weapons.
Interplanetary staker which is a tier 1 skill offers 30% damage and other bonuses for the same amount of points, and it works on everything, including grenades

I have gotten away from Lick the Wound and never spec into any more. Turn tail is only if you are standing still for the damage boost. F4ng is on any shot, moving or not.

Two F4ng can make launchers devastating(the one that fires 4 projectiles boosts to 8 with it), it gives 2 shots on a call legendary. Lets say it activates on a crit with kings call, that is 8 projectiles instead of the one initial and three call backs. A lot of special weapons proc the special twice with Two F4ng.

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Absolutely, but its a kill skill tho, all kill skills are amazing if you can keep them up, personally i hate kill skills.

What i dont understand is why is everyone saying it only works with certain weapons … it counts a bullet and then it does the calculation, the percentaje is the same, we are talking about dps. Im legit asking, as i said im bad at math. I actually think its better with fast firing weapons.

I’m curious as to which weapons you’ve tested with the skill. In short, where are you getting your data on what works with it and what doesn’t.

As I understand it the skill really has two functions, one is the extra round that does dps but also the fact that you’re getting 25% extra free ammo for single shot weapons like snipers, assault rifles, pistols and smgs.

Because two shots off of one ammo for the Firestorm or Lyuda can be pretty great. On a Cutsman it can be insanely great and on a white smg, never even noticed.

it adds a projectile, so a 25% dps increase is only true with 1projectile weapons.
Adding 1 projectile to a gun that shoots 15 won’t make it 30, it will make it 16.

That is for ones in which projectiles are listed like shotguns. Without the listing you are given the effect of the projectile twice if it counts once. Like Kings/Queens call, is one, on crit spreads to three. If you fire and F4ng hits and crits you are given 8 projectiles. The rocket that fires four has a count of one also so you get 8.

Just curious, have you tried Two F4ng before with different/special guns? It can amp your damage substantially.

doubling the effect is the same as doubling the damage,on a 25% chance.
It doesn’t change anything to the fact the skill only is 25% dps increase at best.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! thanks man, i knew i was missing something, it says “shot” and not bullet. I get it now, absolutely then, it doesnt work with multiple projectile weaponry, thats kinda sad, maybe they overlooked that one ?.

Where did you get the data as to which guns it works with and which guns it doesn’t work with?

Also, how sure are you about how the skill works?

I ask because what’s written in a tooltip isn’t necessarily the formula used in the code, sometimes. You keep throwing a specific number so I’m curious why

What testing have you done, sample sizes, that sort of thing.