Flair you'd like to see added?

Originally, I was going to combine this with my Voiceline thread, but I figured that would be a little too messy, kinda.

Anyways, Title question. I’d like to see lore legendary flairs, but that might have to come with a re-work to flair system, as some players might not want to equip their lore gear because they think the flair is ugly. Or they could just give everyone a copy of the lore lego that comes with flair, but that might clutter the inventory.

I would also like to see flairs like headbands, and maybe some pieces for other parts of the body.

Although I´m no big fan of how the flair is distributed atm (I´d like more if it would work as skins do, instead of being attached to gear) I´d love to see more variety in flair!

Things I´d like to see in the future:

  • :unicorn: Unicorn Horn

  • :dove: Wings (fairy, butterfly, demon, skeleton, eagle, ect.)

  • :dragon: Tails (dragon, black devil, feathered tail, bunny, cat tail, fox, ect.)

I imagine Benedict with his dragon-skin + a red scaled dragons tail or Orendi with a black pointy devil tail :heart_eyes:

  • :sunglasses: Sunglasses (“Badass”-glasses, Alucard-glasses, hipster-glasses, pilot-sunglasses, ect.)

mainly for the “Bad Ass”-sunglasses GBX gave away, I love those.


I’d like an antennae flair, bug/alien?

EDIT: Also, maybe some funky glasses? with a stupid nose and mustache, googly eyes?

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Ohhh yes please!



Don’t know if they can pull off a cape but I would definitely buy that.

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Aviators would be awesome

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A big red hockey goal light on top of the head that flashes when you score a kill.

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It will be a struggle since some of the character models wouldn’t properly work but:

  • Beer helmet
  • Bandit mask
  • Mullet hairstyle
  • Tin foil hat
  • Geoff face
  • Varelsi mask
  • varelsi hair/tentacles

Just wish they weren’t tied to gear.


I would love to see a fedora hat.

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