Flak and amaras new class mode drop rate broken on xbox

i have about 20 hours between farming sylestro and the cunning tink, and have yet to get either of the new class mods. anyone else having this issue on xbox? close to a hundred plus runs each something feels broken.

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Sadly for us all it’s not “broken” it is just RNG.
i dropped a god roll Amara mod at the second try and i’m farming the Zane one for the last 3 days.
(ps4 here)

Yep, I farmed sylvestro for 3and a half hours got nothing. Next day ,run 3 got the com.

It’s not just those drops. All the dedicated drop rates are absolute trash. I’ve killed Agonizer like 100 times on Mh4 and not a single Dictator yet. Not ONE. Did countless runs for Zane’s COM as well and only got 2 total .


Yeah on M4 dedicated drops need more adjustment, because world drops overcome dedicated drops for some reason.
Farming anything you want for your build gives you random loot

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ya its pretty sad for those of us who have jobs and lives. we cant farm for hour upon hours like they want us to, only reason i played so much now is because im off for the holidays. i hope gbx gets it together i get rng but htis is to much

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Deterent you are super lucky bro, lol glad you got it but dam im getting frustrated

Yeah I got one after 8 Hours farming sylestro&atomic, yeah 8 hours and only one with crap stats.
They also dropped everything but this one, tons of red suits other amara mods and legendaries, but no SD.

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Took me 130+ kills on M4 (xbox) on sylestro to get my first, and only driver mod. Done another 60 or 70 runs since then and nothing… The rng is straightass

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Yeah it’s also about what i’m experiencing, it’s very tedious.

The greatest Joke is that they dropped more Elementalist Mods (3) than SD’s?!

nothing crushes your soul like going through the cunning trial on M4 50 plus times and not getting the mod you want.i hate the ghost but if it wasnt for them id rarely ever even get a legendary drop

Tbh alot of thing is worng about some boss drop rate I did about 100 phoenix run farming for deathless and got only 1, not the one I wanted ofc. In total he droped like 15 legendary in total.
Decided to go back farming graveward…

Now the battery of my headset is empty and I only got one SD since it was fully charged. :open_mouth:

I’ve been farming him quite alot lately and have got almost a full backpack of them.
Do you want one? I’ve only got the Amara class mod

If you are on Xbox and have one with +25% Weapon Damage I happily take it.

Hell ya i want one. Hooksone5one is gamertag xbox one

Sent to @atlasgaia83
@Nirantali what’s your gamer tag?

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Sent you a PM.

I hate to ask but is there any way I could grab one if you have any spares. I have a bunch of stuff to trade if you would like. Gt is ye_olde_wolf

Ty itsonlyme