Flak and amaras new class mode drop rate broken on xbox

Retaining customers shold not be left to RNG. It is bad for the game and for business.

And having items NOT present in the world pool, even the M4 world pool is a very bad idea. Can I have the option to pla the game and be patient as when a piece drops as opposed to doing the same run oevr and over even if I’d rather do something else?

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I’m on Xbox with Amara.
I got my com on my fourth or fifth try.
Sounds like RNGeezus just has it out for you.

If the loot locations spreadsheet on reddit is accurate, these classmods have a 2-3% drop rate for farming. This is absurdly low for a “dedicated” drop that people are going to want to farm multiples until they get stats they like. We are talking days of farming for one item.

This is especially bad for the Zane mod which comes from a proving ground instead of a “rare” spawn boss.

This may not be “broken”, but it definitely isn’t fun.

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Yeah here the drop list for the 12h I farmed Sylestro&Atomic:

  • 10 x Pestilence Gun
  • 8 x Various Artifacts
  • 6 x Red Suit Shield
  • 3 x Amara Elementalist Mod
  • 3 x Faisor Gun (corrosion, radiation, cryo)
  • 2 x Amara Breaker Mod
  • 2 x WTF Shield
  • 2 x Laser Sploder gun (radiation)
  • 2 x Engulfing Shredifier gun
  • 2 x Red Queen Grenade
  • 2 x Devils Foursum gun (cryo, rad)
  • 2 x Gunerang XL (rad, cryo)
  • 2 x Devoted gun (rad, corrosion)
  • 2 x Trevonator gun
  • 2 x Unforgiven gun
  • 1 x Crossroad gun (corrosion)
  • 1 x Ripper gun
  • 1 x AAA gun
  • 1 x Ruby’s Wrath Rocker Launcher
  • 1 x Scourge Rocket Launcher
  • 1 x Storm Front Grenade
  • 1 x Tran-fusion Frag Grenade
  • 1 x Resonant Backham Shield
  • 1 x Nova Berner Shield
  • 1 x Re-Charger Shield
  • 1 x Re-Router Shield
  • 1 x Rectifier Shield
  • 1 x Dastardly Maggie Gun
  • 1 x Lead Sprinkler Gun
  • 1 x Roisen’s Thorns gun
  • 1 x Double Penetrating Laser Splader (radiation) Gun
  • 1 x Breeder gun
  • 1 x Bitch gun
  • 1 x Recursion gun
  • 1 x Flakker gun
  • 1 x Alchemist gun
  • 1 x Night Hawkin gun
  • 1 x Amara Phasezerker Mod
  • 1 x FL4K Rakk Commander Mod
  • 1 x Stop Gap Shield
  • 1 x Front Loader Shield
  • 1 x The Hunt(ed) Sniper Rifle
  • 1 x Storm Sniper Rifle
  • 1 x Spiritual Driver Mod (after 8 Hours farming)

So everything else and even the other Amara mods drop more often than the one that actually should…


What system are you on?

I finally got one to drop after 2+ hours tonight. After 3 days of farming 3 to 6
hours lol sad

I farmed nearly 4hours with no joy. Next day run 3… Yay!

Could it also be that the slot machines RNG are bugged too, I just spent 300 Eridium and the only thing that dropped from are two white Artifacts and Eridium, that’s all. I mean before it for sure at least dropped some blues or purples.

Is there any way I could get one too? I’ve been at this for 5 hours and still haven’t gotten one! Gamertag Haon54

Ill send u one

Dedicated drop rates are pretty a$$. I rather farm slaughter shaft on mayhem 3 than farming the same guy for solid 8 hours. You prolly get your desired drop as a world drop faster, as long as it is not locked behind as a exclusive dedicated drop. New flak and zane com, im looking at you.

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Got one for me on the third kill but none for my son after a few hours more. :frowning: I tried it as an ex-Zane main and I did not like the build. Seems like a boss build. Hated it for mobbing. I feel confident the mod will get speed or damage capped soon however. Son feels the same so he gave up getting one. Time will tell.

Xbox online save prevents duping unlike PC and PS4 so cant dup him one like the other systems can. :frowning: I missing doing that with my sons like we did in BL2. Made the grind worth it.

I hope they raise dedicated drop rates and lower world drop rates. Farming for a specific item and getting 50 different ones is cool but frankly really annoying. I liked how, in bl2, farming took a bit to get what you wanted but when a legendary dropped it was almost one from that bosses pool 99% of the time and for the most part it was only an hour or 2 of farming instead of 8+. It’s especially rough when you take into account parts and annointments. If it takes 5 hours to get a single cutsman, how long is it gonna take to the element, anointment, and parts you want. The system just isn’t built for people who don’t have 8+ hours to dedicate to the game every day.

True. I also think m4 is not worth it, considering time you need to invest and the reward compared to m3.

But maybe just my experience.

I’ve easily spent over 12 hours of the last almost 2 weeks farming just Sylvestro and no mod. It makes me not want to play. New Moxxi dlc just dropped and I feel like playing Monster Hunter World. New drop rates are just dumb.

I have been farming the bloody Tink of Cunning for two weeks now for a few hours each evening. I have dropped a couple of Amaras but I need the flak ones. It’s a joke that drop rate for dedicated loot on M4 is so appalling.

For me Amara’s drops probably once every 20 runs. It took me 7 days of farming a few hours a day to get Zane’s, and I still haven’t seen Fl4k’s.

It’s pretty stingy, honestly.

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