Flak Anointed bonuses?

I have been playing around with my Amara character with a group of friends and then on the side trying to play my Flak up through the 1st playthrough… Am I missing something with some of the options for Anointed beastmaster? I see the life steal of 30% and the accuracy bonuses in fade away but I haven’t seen much else. I also saw the radiation bonus but that doesn’t seem to apply to the pet and just the gun I am using. With my siren I can get 200% melee dmg with my build after activation or 250% gun damage… The bonuses on Flak seem to be very lack luster comparatively. Maybe I just haven’t seen all the options yet? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

They are comparable with the other classes. 65% extra radiation damage is for the entire duration of Gamma Burst. For Rakks its extra charges and one that increases an enemies damage taken by 50%. The other one ive seen for Fade Away is release a nova at its end. Only the Siren has anointed bonuses in triple digits. How long is “a short time”?

I like the ones with extra critical hit damage after Rakk Attack.

I guess the ones that I dislike is the increased handling/accuracy while in fade away. All the others are fine, if not a bit “meh”. The Rakk bonuses are best.

Someone on the Discord did some pretty extensive testing and found that “a short time” = 12 seconds.


Wow i figured it was the same as a kill skill(7 seconds), so 12 is really good

12 seconds wow. Seems pretty broken for just an annointment.