Flak M4 solo takedown build

i do believe that this build does very well in the Maliwan takedown. The first time i tried to go through the Maliwan Takedown I made it to Wotan in a matter of 25 minutes. Every once in a while i would hit a 10-40 million damage crit. I really hope that someone is able to use this build to farm the Takedown on their own.

  1. the first weapon that you are going to need is the Maggie. The best anoints that you can get on the guns is +125% damage the named, boss, and badass enemies on action skill end. The second best one would be +100% critical hit damage on action skill end.

  2. The second weapon that you will need is a Brainstormer (katagawa ball). the best anoint is +15% lifesteal on action skill end.

  3. The third weapon that you need is a shock Bianary Mocking Kutsman. the best anoint is +100% critical hit damage on cation skill end.

  4. The last weapon you will need is a corosive Bianary Mocking Kutsman. Again, the best anoint would be +100% critical hit damage on action skill end.

I will add a reply to this Topic for the skill tree, but for now, spec into green tree, but, DONT USE GORILLAS IN THE MIST. use the 3rd skill instead. use the last skill as well, but dont go to the bottom of the green tree, because you will need to get to megavore for this build to work properly. another thing is that in the green tree spec into as much healing as you can.

I think this needs to be in FLAK section.

thanks for letting me know. Im new to the forums and didnt know there was a flak section.

Personally i think 5 points for 25% Chance for an 3xtra bullet is not worth it. Ill go better with reload speed or the Extra damage.

Its good for weapons like bekah, but for the maggie its utterly useless. If I do my Rakk attack build I never take it, but my gamma burst build I do since my main weapons don’t have listed projectiles

His boss melters are cutsmans though so it’s worth it.
The build does appear to have a few questionable points but so do most.

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I spec Two Fang if I am going to use the Recursion, which is one of Fl4k’s best options for the Takedown, along with the Cutsman. Two Fang really benefits those weapons specifically, others not so much.

So Two Fang generally would not be in my builds either, but for the Takedown it has great synergies with specific weapons and the way enemies function and spawn in the Takedown.

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For 53

Maybe you want input on your build, I am not sure. If not, you can disregard my comments. If you do want input, I would consider the following:

  1. You are missing out on a ton of damage by not taking The Most Dangerous Game. I would consider taking the points out of Grim Harvest and putting them in TMDG. Those 3 points get you a lot more bang for your buck in TMDG vs. Grim Harvest.

  2. Maxing out both Head Count and Eager to Impress is kind of redundant. If you are using multi-pellet or reflection/ricochet weapons, I would max out Head Count and only go with one point or no points in Eager to Impress.

  3. Consider putting a point in All My BFFs. It will keep your pet alive in dense mobbing areas like the Takedown or the Slaughter Shaft.

  4. If you wanted to keep points in Grim Harvest, I would reallocate the extra points from Eager to Impress to max out Grim Harvest. Personally, I prefer the healing from Rage and Recover and would take the points from Eager to Impress and re-allocate them that way.

To be clear, your build is fine as is. However, from a min-maxing perspective, re-allocating a few points probably would give you a little better damage and survival.


is that better?

Either one of these, i dont think grim harvest boosts fadeaways crit damage

@matthewbgeddes Grim Harvest does not boost damage done by Fade Away. I know Grim Harvest says “action skill damage,” but damage dealt while in FA is not recognized as action skill damage by the game.

@XeRoBurnXD I really don’t run Fade Away very much because it is not my preferred playstyle, but if I was doing a Fade Away build optimized for the Takedown, mine would look like this:

I say “optimized for the Takedown“ because I would not run this build for general mobbing gameplay. This build would be tailored for the Takedown.

I would run the following gear:

-a Bounty Hunter COM with +3 to TMDG and +2 to either Frenzy or Hunter’s Eye (either one is fine). If you can get one with magazine size and shotgun damage boosts, it would be ideal. You could also run the Stalker COM too though, with ideally +3 Big Game +2 IPS (at least for my taste).

-a Recursion in shock and corrosive (just shock works fine, but being able to switch between shock and corrosive helps for the Valkyries and Wotan)

-a x21 or x25 Stagecoach (or the most pellets you can get) for single-target enemies (the Maggie or Bekah also work for this purpose)

-Brainstormer (non-redundant version preferred)

-shock Cutsman for the Wotan shield phases

-Transformer with 50% ASE elemental damage (your choice, I like radiation; lots of people like the Stop-Gap or Re-Charger though)

-any grenade with 50% ASE elemental damage (your choice, I like corrosive)

The Recursion can be used any time there are a bunch of enemies around. Just make sure your Recursion is shooting a different element than your shield and grenade anoints to ensure maximum projectilification (:wink:) Stack the enemies up, go into FA, shoot the Recursion (or Brainstormer) and watch them all die.

Use the Brainstormer more for mobbing at the entrance and on the bridge. Use the Recursion for the Krakens and Wotan.

Use the Stagecoach or Maggie when you have a single target, because the Recursion or Brainstormer shotguns are less effective at dealing with them.

Hope this helps!

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If he goes stagecoach route than its perfect for mobbing tbqh. Look up ratore on youtube and find his takedown record, hes nuts on the bosses but the mobs are straight forward. Ricochets constantly fill the clip and get action skill back up. The last shot of fadeaway ends after you fire so 25 bullets hit the target all with 30% chance to reduce cooldown. Bullets hitting at once dont put headcount skill on cd so you can get your action skill up after one shot really often