Flak NEEDS some good survival buffs (Heck a new mod or rework could help with that)

Burst Aid definitely needs something to make it not a trap. Being able to re-place the rift or having the regen continue after touching it for a short time could help a ton.


That is indeed another great idea. If running in and out the rift gives you a regen buff for a short time that would be a GREAT CHANGE. Oooo :eyes::sunglasses: LOVE IT!

What about being able to pick up the Burst Aid rift and carry it with you, just like Zane’s barrier? I know some of these posts have been flirting with that idea, but I’ll just say it outright.

You might need to have, say, only half the healing effect (so I think that would be 10%/sec).

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Indeed. I said something earlier in this post about Flak’s burst aid augment should interact similar to how Zane uses his barrier but yes. This is exactly what I would love to see.

My idea similar to this was:

I want him to be able to carry the rift effects on the go so he can be mobile and plus with that better survivability with Gamma burst could lead more variety with builds relating to Gamma burst.

Another plus he could choose to pick it up or drop it any time during his action skill being active and dropping it down for his team to heal can be real nice support play or locking down good positions. As well as being able to take it with him on the go wherever could allow for some improvements to survivability and well like I said above. (Need to stop repeating myself sorry​:joy::sweat_smile:)

Note: When he drops the rift down for the team the effects would be less but the action skill timer will go down slower. (Healing effects by the way would be decreased to what it is right now currently live in the game
+20% of max health/sec when dropping it for the team)

However when he picks it up for himself to use the effects would increase and the action skill timer will go down as normal speed. Also for this one the effects will increase to 40% of max health/sec when he picked it up for himself.(Felt the need to add that because I don’t know. To clarify?)

Burst aid with this type of change would be outright a top pick not gonna lie but this would make it better than what it is now. Plus giving Flak more survivability.

I was thinking the effect should get weaker, not stronger, when the rift was picked up and carried. That is the sacrifice of portability.

EDIT: to add that I think what you are suggesting might actually be too (?) powerful, to the exclusion of other skills. Kind of like when the Scorcher Spiderant was broken and everyone was using ONLY that pet LOL.

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My idea in this thread was to combine Atomic Aroma and Burst Aid into one augment, and increasing the radius of both skills (or allowing them to gain AOE/splash size increases would be good too). Sure, the aura is stuck to your pet, but with a large enough radius you could still be decently far away from your pet and get the healing.


I loved that idea, shame they are(possibly) too busy making buggy(again possibly) 4th skill trees instead of streamlining the ones we currently have.

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Honestly you right. :joy: thinking about it yours might actually make sense. “40% max health/sec” sounds a bit TOO much. I was trying to make it worth more for picking up and less for putting it down because in my head it somewhat made sense buuuut…

After thinking about it it’d be too good for other skills to even be an option.

Not to mention “slower action skill duration timer” WHAT THE FREAK IS THE POINT OF ENDURANCE? XD

I need to rethink some of that.

Another great idea I’d be okay with. :+1: basically saying stick close to your pets to gain benefits.

Beastmaster and pet side by side gaining benefits left and right from each other.


Fadeaway should have an excellent survibility without lifesteal, in the form of Not My Circus.

The trouble is current pet AI is utterly moronic and usually dont do anything or delay its taunt cast for no reason. Spiderant for example is near useless in this regard and would just taunt next to you while spamming pet attack command on its own. Pets some times even just outright disappear in co op. If this is fixed then fadeaway alone would have great survibility and the skill would work as it should be.

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Possibly yes. Fixing the pets problems could help other builds and action skills besides Fade away however.

If Flak is gonna have a lot of health regen skills they should make them worthwhile. So far I see rage and recover is worth grabbing maybe turn tail and run although to be honest this skill I do not like but survivability feels…underwhelming even with that skill.

I believe his regen skills just need a push to be better. Skills like Who recused who that skill could greatly benefit even more Flak especially in gamma burst builds if it were buffed a bit for his survivability, Self repairing system could get a buff on health regen, Turn tail and run could get a buff as well(though for some reason I hate this skill), but you know what would really need a buff? FALCONER’S FEAST :joy:

However these are just what I think should be done to improve his survivability across the board. I can agree that life steal isn’t as important but like compared to the others his survival is the worse and dps is like outclassed. (How is a Moze able to out dps a Flak?)

Bring up to pair is all I’m suggesting.

(Being locked into the same gear isn’t fun for me. As much as I like risk and reward builds deathless isn’t something I wanna use all the time when I play Gamma burst and I definitely don’t wanna be locked into Red fang mod when playing gamma burst all for survivability.)

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Give them Life Steal from damage. That’ll fix any possible survivability issues in 0 seconds flat.

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I’m down with that option as well. I always said that life steal annointed on weapons(after using attack command Flak gains 30% life steal on weapon damage dealt for a short time) should of been in Flak’s skill trees. Specifically the stalker one tied with the skill called Sic’Em.

They also could of put life steal in his hunter tree either from his hunt skills or better yet why not make it so he has to land critical hits to get health back (basically life steal) they could tie that to Leave no trace or Galactic shadow or rework that into Ambush predator. Any of those 3 skills.

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I’ll say it’s possible that, if the fourth skill trees are actually a thing and coming soon, they may have given them some life steal in it. I do really like the idea of life steal from critical hits. It could incentive accuracy and smarter gameplay.

Come on now, we’re FL4K. I love our murder bot, but we don’t need accuracy and smart game play to benefit from crits. Megavor has been a staple of almost every build for a while now. Life steal on crit would pretty much be passive life steal of us.


@boombumr I agree with your response. I think life steal on crit would be way, way too strong with Megavore basically doing the work for you. Granted, Amara and Zane basically have similar life steal, but I think keeping one character a glass cannon is OK.

I don’t see anywhere on Fl4k’s existing skill tree where they could add life steal and make it work in a way that is consistent with the character design. I do think they could increase (maybe even double? not sure) the Fl4k healing percentages on SRS, WRW, TTAR, and RAR and that would be appreciated.


I never meant for hitting critical on Flak was a way to invent smarter gameplay. :joy: That capstone really does say otherwise on how much work it takes to do. Sigh but I thought it would be a cool concept to throw in regardless.

I can agree with that. Cool concept but possibly way too strong. As I probably should of said I don’t mind not having life steal as I hate to rely on it with Amara so I avoid sunstainment with her often in most of my builds.

However I just want survivability to be improved in a number of different ways. His health regen skills as you said could be even doubled in a buff. Imagine if Flak had a powerful regen similar to Amara. I found combining Amara skills like Samara and Clarity MAKES FOR A REALLY POWERFUL COMBINATION OF HEALTH REGEN. :joy: I wish Flak had something powerful for his regen like this. Most I got close to this was hid Rakk augment and Rage and recover and even then it felt just a bit off especially since Rage and Recover is only 3 seconds but Amara’s Clarity skill is 5 seconds and Samara is well…20 seconds!:joy::joy::joy:

Health regen skills buff, life steal being added or reworked, both? No matter how it’s done I still rather see changes here to improve his survivability rather than nothing at all.

I can see what you mean. I didn’t really think about Fade Away or Megavore. And a Zane with Salvation and a decent Seein’ Dead does essentially always have roughly 10% health steal.

I don’t think that it would really be a bad thing to give FL4K some “passive” life steal in that way, but, mixed with other skills and potential damage mitigation and healing from a pet… I suppose it could become too much.

As for the accuracy and smart gameplay, I mean, Megavore is only 20% chance. You’d still probably want to aim for a 100% chance at a crit. Plus, not everyone goes down the Hunter skill tree. I was just saying it would be one potential way to do it that wouldn’t necessarily be automatic and if the lifesteal was highly minimal, such a 2% of the damage, it wouldn’t nessisarily be OP, but could still prove useful. IDK. I’m just spitballin’.

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Is Life steal op? I personally don’t think so. I’ve seen that topic and lots of others would agree it’s not overpowered. (Saw a similar conversation relating to sunstainment for Amara. Lots argued it’s balanced. While that is subjective I too still believe it’s not op and fine the way it is. )

I personally don’t see anything wrong with Flak having a life steal passive built into his tree. However I do believe it shouldn’t be the only solution for improvement. (What I liked about Amara is she has a number of ways to have survivability in her builds and doesn’t have to be life steal and even if it’s not that op or cheesy once again.)

As I said before whether Flak gets a life steal built in, a health regen buff, hell even both. This will fix a NUMBER of problems with his survivability.

(So yes I am on the side that wants some sort of life steal I agree.)

I am also on the side of buffing health regen skills.