Flak skill idea and hopes

Hi all

An idea I had for Flak which I think would be really cool would be if the Skag pet (let’s call him Dukino) could be made to target enemies by throwing a ball at a target however this ball would be an augment or take up a grende slot and act like the borderlands 2 fastball grenade so just a very high impact grenade that can be marked against specific targets in the way that Zane’s drone can also.

It may work better if just throwing bait or pointing at enemies to mark them though as this would make more sense possibly for also the rakks & spiderants and jabbermon

I also wanted to ask how you think the pets will work or want the pets to work as in they evolve into bad asses etc after killing so many enemies, or automatically on Summon when you hit a certain level i.e level 30, or have to use augments in order to obtain specific skills etc

I think it would be nice if you can summmon multiple of the summons at a time or if the capstone skill can mean that the you can automically Summon a badass version or mean that instead of say the 1 Skag you can summon 3 smaller less powerful skags that could include different variants I.e spitter skags and maybe this could be a random chance as to which three skags you get including random elements

What Flak skills or augments would you like to see or expect?