Flak Skins ? & skins in gerral

Been levelling a Mule for the past few days to pass the time, while I’ve enjoyed Flak amazed at how easy everything is compared with Zane, I have to say I really, really HATE, the model

Why put a robot in a grossly oversized ill fitting arctic parker?? the entire model ends up looking clumsy, scruffy and ungainly. So many things could have been done with this new exiting and unique Robot character

I looked through the skins, but as usual they are all identical models, just slightly different colours, its only the heads that ever offer any real variation

Is it only me that wishes there was more choice, even just a couple of body types, other games often offer true skin changes as chargeable cosmetics. To be honest id be more than happy to part with a modest amount of cash for the chance to make these characters feel more unique

What are you thoughts on the skins?


I was bummed too seeing the skins were just different color schemes. I’d like to change the entire look of my character more than just the color design and scheme. :frowning:

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Yep, such as a Zero look skin for Flak

The model was designed that way probably to facilitate the non binary gender stuff.

And this was why the bloody harvest challenges never got done in this household… No reward for the effort. We’re basically just sitting here waiting for feedback or pictures that show interesting cosmetics before we even care about trying to get them.

I mean the shift code for the 4 heads was great, why can’t they hire that person full time eh?

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The Halloween skins did actually look good. But in general that’s how borderlands skins have always been.

by its very nature a Robot would be none binary gender, a sleek none gender specific model would still be an option lol

I’m not getting into that debate.

I think sleek is something they save for female VH… Brick, Roland, Salvador, Kreig don’t fit that description at all and Mordecai, Zero, and Zane are more lanky than anything. Axton is the closest we get to not letting sleek be exclusive to females - and the transition from BL1 gunner to BL3 gunner kinda justifies that lol.

I think the whole coat thing was to help the character avoid recieving treatment similar to claptrap. They couldn’t have made all the responses to the VH uniform if no one could take Fl4k seriously. Plus blending into human society could be attributed to the hunt y’know?

The difference in color schemes is also a difference in what parrs get affected by the color changing. Hot Rod for instance let’s you change hair color.

I can get that, but a lil more terminator and a lil less sleeping rough dumpster diving chic
would have gone a long way, think maliwan badass, rather than Groucho and Castello lol

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I got the impression the attire is the way it is because it’s a robot that doesn’t understand how to dress in an appropriate human fashion.