Flak, the look, the future , the pets

As the game develops I wonder if we could look at the Flak skins, possibly make him a lil more badass and a lil less dumpster diving random parker with a bizarre tent groundsheet hanging from the back lol here are a couple of suggestions, do you have any ?



Also, does anyone else think that changing one of the pets, maybe the Ant for a Flying pet would offer more diversity, even if you keep the buffs the same

And no the Rak attack isn’t already flying pet :slight_smile:


I like the robo-hobo look.

I doubt they’ll change the existing pets. There would likely be an uproar.


Love it lol :slight_smile:

For the Robot hobo (Ro-bo) look:

downloadfile FRhobos


i guess as an alt i don’t mind a “badass” look but tbh I would never use it

i think the hobo-bot look really sells the whole ‘death-obsessed weirdo who respects animals more than people’ concept.

i’d be down with a flying pet but not with replacing one of the current pets…the Spiderant is actually my favorite. :spider_web:


LOL ok, im sure there are a lot of players who feel the same, i can just see a flying pet using the same coding as is already in place for Zanes drone being quite useful, that and it wouldnt keep sitting on my loot im trying to look at :slight_smile:

any additional skin, would be just that, an alternative rather than the same skin in diff colours, i kinda picture him like a badass robo druid :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Personally, I would like some more “diegetic” heads and skins. Kinda like the heads in the Borderlands remaster: they aren’t that outlandish, they look like things the characters might have actually picked up and accessorized with.

For example, Fl4k could casually wear the masks/helmets of their murdered victims as portable trophies.

I’m talking lance assassin helmets, forerunner heads, guardian heads, saurian skulls, jabber fur scarfs, COV masks, stickers like V3R0N1C4’s ones etc.

I wonder if they’ll go a bit in the direction of Battleborn, by having different “tiers” of skins (with simpler ones which only change the colors and patterns of the characters’ clothes, and the more complex ones actually changing the model).

Maybe they could also recycle some of the scrapped customization ideas from previous entries in the series:

P.S. I know that not all of these were scrapped, but most of them were.
P.P.S. Click on the last one to see the full picture.


Id love a bit of a style shake up with the body like the head mods do to get some real customization.

As far as pets go If they add a fourth tree my votes would be:
Flying- Varkid with an upgrading mechanic
Tank- Bullymong
Elemental- Saurion spitting a liquid you can activate with different elemental weapons based on modifiers or the evolution of the pet

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Touching a little bit on emotes (if we consider them as customization), I hope they’ll make some character specific ones. If they do, I really hope Fl4k’s ones will include their pets, somehow.

Or just add another skill tree that we be much better than taking out an entire pet you know what i mean