Flak trainer class mod

anybody on ps4 have a trainer mod level 60 with at least action skill cooldown?

been farming for it and only been getting moze and Zane mods, haven’t gotten 1 for flak, killed the empowered grawn like 50 times on mayhem 10 with my brother and we haven’t got one. also from the same boss I’m looking for a lunacy artifact with movement speed and action skill cooldown.

thanks, my psn is Argonian_Austin.

Yeah I have one, gives +36%pee cooldown +5 into diarrhea +5 into poop

you using?

I was just a second ago, but im 10 pounds lighter now, so ill pass it to you, ill take 2.5mil of eyedirts and 4000 earwax eridian.

ok mail