Flakker after nerf manuall reload recommended

For those of you who haven’t put her Flakker into Garbage-Can because off the latest hotfix-nerf, may noticed, that reloading after pulling the shooting-trigger is way faster than waiting for the auto-reload-funktion, because it triggers after the pellets explosion.

Would post a short video here showing the difference, but I’m not that mich into social media, that I know how to do it, so trust me, or try it yourselfe.


for me i wish i could find an option that turns auto reload off, id like to manually reload all guns, not just the flakker for the 1 less bullet drain on my ammo supply. but i am constantly pushing reload button anyways and a lot of times for my guns id like there to be a chance for regen to take place since you don’t regenerate ammo in this one and instead regen magazine. i hate having to spam grenades to halt the gun auto reload function.