Flakker nerf and crappy reload

the reload, which only happens after all explosions have vanished and not directly after the shot so it takes much longer than stated in the weapon description ( can reload manually each shot LOL )

Anyway 1 bullet in mag size cancels all %mag size bonus

R.I.P Flakker

The Flakker is Automatic like in BL2 so what you can do is hold your shot button and spam your reload button. This negates the slight delay before auto reload activates. This is actually highly abusable as you can substitute the guns reload speed, Zane’s Kill skills build can make this guns reload lighting fast.

And if you are using Moze’s ammo regen, you have more chances to add ammo due to delay reload.

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I still think they plan to change the gun up more. At least I hope they do. Multiple bandaid fixes never result in the best solutions. A drastic re balancing of the gun is needed.

Just reload manually immediately instead of waiting for the automatic reload. It’s really not that bad. Also, if you are using some sort of absorb shield like the Transformer there’s a good chance you will absorb a bullet before the reload starts, allowing you to shoot again.

“it’s not that bad” = its broken

It was broken before the patches, now it’s great gun.

i’m playing Torgue not Tediore ffs

“Oh no, woe is me, I have to reload a gun that is designed after a literal type of artillery after every shot”
C’mon, you can’t genuinely believe that just because you need to minimally adjust your playstyle, the weapon is dead. Like, if you have some good reload speed on your build, you won’t even shoot slower by comparison. Hitting R (or whatever the reload may be on the controller you’re using) after every shot really doesn’t affect how it feels to shoot this gun vs before the change.

you play and farm with it for 2 or 3 hours ? hit reload after every shot ? LOL

Mate, I enjoy using it and I’ve got a crappy underleveled non-anointed one. In my opinion it’s almost gotten better, simply because it doesn’t use up all of your ammo in like 10 minutes.
And again, bring a Transformer and you often get away without even having to reload at all.