Flakker on M3 Post Nerf-Is anyone using it consistenlty?

Moze build here, so you would think with Splash it would be God-Tier.

We all know it’s been nerfed, it is what it is…but I just can’t justify keeping it in my inventory post-nerf on M3.

The reload just takes too long and I feel I can do more DPS with most any other gun. I want to like it but can’t.

Anyone still using it to consistently mob enemies and bosses online in M3?

It’s become one of the items that I don’t pickup when it drops. Might be useful for some though.

I find other things more fun to fire. I keep one on my Zane for Anointed or walls of flesh enemies, but can’t really get the hang of it for Moze…though, I did just begin using a black hole grenade set up…so. I might have an idea.

My main issue with the post nerf version is the reload, which only happens after all explosions have vanished and not directly after the shot. Therefore, the reload takes much longer than stated in the weapon description. This leads to a somewhat clunky feeling, so I completely stopped using it, it’s simply not fun anymore… In my opinion, Gearbox should either give the weapon a two shot magazine, if they intend to keep the current reload mechanic, or should have the reload starting immediately after firing.


I still use it. It isn’t as god-tier as it was, but for Moze it still works with MoD, so you don’t have to reload after every shot - as long as your shots hit consistently. I find I average 3-4 shots before reloading. This improves DPS dramatically.

I use it primarily against groups and against “large” enemies like Spiderant Kings. Even on M3 it’s quite capable of getting the job done.

Unfortunately, I think the gun was nerfed more because of Moze and Fl4k. Both have get ammo back skills, I know Fl4k’s is on crits, so this is why it waits to reload. But if you’re not specced for that, then the extra wait is pointless. Plus with Fl4k it is chance to reload of only 36%, so you may not even get the free refill.

2 round mag is a good idea for a fix/balance for every VH and spec.

I’m using it on my Amara, mainly for lack of any other boss-killer. I have 5 points in Alacrity, so the reload is pretty quick. I really wouldn’t mind another boss-killer weapon, though; Flakker has never been my favourite weapon.