Flakker on Zero

Has anyone used this thing on Zero? if so, how does it perform?
The wiki said: “Pairing the Flakker with Zer0’s Rising Sh0t skill can be devastating, since it allows him to gain maximum stacks in a single shot and its low fire rate doesn’t let the stacks decay for a short time.”
Is that really viable though?

Paging @Blutfatal, Blut to the flakker desk please!

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No, this has nothing to do with him, just because it’s a Flakker.

Actually it does, I’m the only one here who can explain it.
Wiki is correct for once on rising shot.
Bore is hilarious with the flakker, when it works.
Zero is hard to do but works really well with the flakker.

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Sorry, just thought you will say how amazing and OP it is and leave. I need a simple answer to a simple question. Also you are not the only one who loves this weapon and knows very well exactly how to use it.

Thats not true, any of it. I edited the post above.
Zero is third best with it, obviously sal than krieg.
Gaige and axton are on the same level.

Most of the people here dont have the mechanics knowledge I do of the flakker and they dont have the amount of time I do with it either.


Bore works, just not 100%.
Closer to 10% of the time.

As I said they page me for a reason.

The actually pellets of it that are hard to see trigger bore, same with money shot.

Thats the only thing you know that I didn’t. I don’t want to brag, but I know a lot about it on Krieg.

I still know more.
Why? Because all of the info out there was literally written by me with sljm helping on pellet count.

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Cool. I don’t care, I never read anything on the Flakker. I found out myself by putting hours and hours of my time into it.

Thousands and thousands of hours here.

Screw it, you do know more overall most likely.

Theres a video, someone took the exact build and beat my top spot but thats how badly I can break the game with the flakker.

WOw, using a ■■■■■■■ exploit, how skillful of you.

It was legal in the TT at the time, I was trying to get it banned.
I succeeded. Its not considered an exploit simply mechanics since its been in every bl game to date.
I have op8 dragons with flakker also.

ANYONE can use that glitch, doesn’t take skill at all. Also why not use BB Krieg?

Because I was trying to beat the 20 second kill on sal which was using the sandhawk swap.
Krieg had the top slots filled by bloodsplosion at 0:02 for fastest.
0:05 for slowest.

Oh yeah :smile:

Talk about exploits.
It was called bs because it was bs.