Flakker only has +50% cryo damage while Sntl is active. Is this on purpose?

So is it a typo or would it be too powerful?

You don´t have hotfixes loaded. Wait in the main menu until the hotfix applied sign shows up.

Nah. It’s not that. Every time I go to the takedown it knocks it down to 50%. No I wasn’t playing solo. I always matchmake. It’s strange because before I matchmake I check it and it says 100% but the moment I get matchmade it goes right back to 50%.

Would that happen if you joined the game of a host who doesn’t have the hotfixes applied, I wonder?

I believe so, since host’s game determines pretty much everything else (eg. coopetition versus cooperation, NVHM versus TVHM, mayhem mode…)