Flakker reload bug

Hi all!
After the Oct 17th hotfix I’m experiencing strange reload behavior on the flakker.

*I know about the ammo consumption bug

I’m using it on my Fl4k lvl 50 atm. Whenever he fires the gun the reload animation has a .2 or .3 hesitation before he auto reloads. However I can bypass the reload stall by manually pressing reload. Is anyone else having this same behavior with the flakker?

yes i’d like it to auto reload after the shot as well but it won’t do it in time

Okay, so it’s not just me. Thanks for letting me know!

There’s more to it than just stalling a reload. You can’t sprint while this delay is active. If you force a reload, you can get around it, but if you can’t reload the gun (because a skill filled your magazine) you can’t get around the delay.