Flakker Texas Ranger, OP build

I’ve just been using my old build but I know it could use work, especially with lvl 80 out now
So I never tested the flakker glitch until last night. It’s op and fun, so I thought about making a build from it. I use a flakker in my left d pad weapons slot (ps4 or xbox). I use a nukem/ahab in my down d pad button to switch easily. I equipped a dpuh in the right d pad slot as a big revolver if shotgun ammo runs low. Last gun is a bekah in the up d pad for long range kills.
I used the legendary soldier com for the fast swap and reloads. If you wanted to use a +6 grit com and health gate with a turtle shield more power to you. I was happy with a sham shield, but swap in your preference. I also started hunting down a deputy relic for the fast reloads, plus it fits with the build. I was surprised that I didn’t even need slag anymore, but using a magic missile or bouncing bonnie could be helpful for raids. It’s a rough build so fix it up any way you want!

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Not really a glitch…it’s an old exploit. Can be done with other weapons as well…Shoot Sandhawk with Bee and switch to a Ladyfist before Sanhawk rounds hit. If you get crits it’s MASSIVE damage.

6/5 in Expertise is more than enough for the quick swap.

Slag is EVERYTHING in UVHM upwards. I’d personally get out of Nuke and make sure my Turret could slag.

Get Battlefront specked as it will give 30% more base gun damage which will add to the Bombardment you will get using Flakker/Ahab when your slag turret is deployed.

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Not bad. I haven’t had an issue yet with no slag, but I’d imagine in the new op levels you’ll need slag.

I’ll test it out!