Flakker understanding

Not as bad as I thought it was, used it on a crowd and omg yellow numbers flying all over the place great weapon to come in and do some damage switch over to another and clean house. Still bad against single targets

It’s one of the most powerful guns in both bl2 and tps. Why did you think it was bad?

Was using it wrong because I tried it from long range didn’t work shot it from close range little damage then shot it from medium range big damage but it didn’t hit everything. There is this special range it has that I just couldn’t get used to until now lol

What is the best prefix?

Casual, Torgue grip

Stock should be almost irrelevant considering the thing’s accuracy (or lack thereof)

It’s totally forgivable to stumble into its power after a while… most of us who pick it up aim it at a nearby enemy to try it out, see all the fireworks, then none of them hit the enemy. Who wants to use that gun? Once you find that sweet spot though, dayum.

Awesome I have a casual but I think it’s a scav grip…yup its scav.

I heard flakker…
What about flakker?


Because unless you use cheats, are lucky enough to find a good range to fire (good luck against small melee enemies and/or those who lunge like Lunatics, Torks, Stalkers, Kraggons, Clapwolves, Viruses, and Glitches) or are using the one build 90% of Fragtrap players use, you’re better of with any other Torgue, Jakobs, Hyperion or even Scav shotgun?

in reference to the terrible accuracy… I just thought about an aurelia using it with 350 (i think that’s max) duchess stacks and how effective that would be. would it be more/less effective with the skill that increases bullet speed?

I didn’t get the flakker before, now I do, and now that I do I have a lvl 34 flakker that’s able to take out level 39-40 enemies sometimes multiple at the same time. It also works with smite so that’s good. Anybody know if the pellet count affects the chance of smite?

Different, probably less effective.

The spread will go farther, but will be less dense.

Most of the time I’m facing more than one enemy, so most of the time the flakker is better.

This is completely false and you sound uneducated about the hand of god, aka me.

Please watch my videos and you can then take back all the negative things you have said about the greatest item to come into a game since the 1ups in mario.

1: Don’t call others uneducated, it comes off as looking down on them.
2: No thank you. I have used a Casual Flakker with pure Torgue parts next to a Rustler’s Flayer with pure Jakobs parts with my build and the Flayer for me has better:
Damage output (I can kill a Badass Psycho with 2 clips while the Flakker just tickles them).
Close range abilities.
Reload speed.
Fire rate.
And Long Range abilities.
3: I don’t think you can help me find a use in the Flakker for it would most likely involve changing my build and I have no interest in doing so (I tend to poorly synergize with other’s playstyles).

  1. I am looking down on you for being uneducated about the flakker, this happens because they need to learn about something they don’t comprehend. The flakker is a religion, Link to the religious page of the flakker here.
  1. You can’t say anything about it until learn how to use it, saying it’s bad and saying it doesn’t work is very ignorant when you don’t know how to use it. You’ll change your mind once you do, trust me. I’ve converted many.

  2. I can help all see the glory and the light of explosive goodness, and no you don’t have to change your build at all, flakker even works on melee builds.

All hail the Flakker!

All hail Blut, the Prophet of the Flakker!

…seriously though, the Flakker is a MONSTER of a gun. if you don,t get good results with it, it’s because you’re using it wrong (which is totally understandable considering it’s learning curve)
It’s DPS is at least 2-3 times the Flayer’s.

You’re looking down on me, calling me uneducated and ignorant and yet you expect me to listen to you?
No, YOU listen to ME; respect my opinion. I. Don’t. Like. The. Flakker.
I’m not talking you anymore, you’re just blind to any opinion sans those who agree and I’m not going to stand here and be treated like a fool for not liking a single gun.


With my build, the Flakker is nothing more than a stiff breeze to Torks…
I will never use the Flakker and now I’m tired of even seeing them, I will never hold a Flakker again and will toss every one I see off cliffs.

Even the Perfect Torgue part Casual Flakker I have now.
The Kraggons will eat well tonight.

Ok guys, let’s all be chill ok?

Blut, I know you mean no harm (most of the time) but sometimes you come off badly, especially to people who don’t understand your…Personality…
Take it easy a tad?

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