Flakker understanding

You don’t know explosions?! The glory is amazing. Wish I had known how great it was with melee my zero in bl2 would’ve had a field day just downing 10 enemies every deception, ahhh…can’t wait to get back to bl2

I deeply apologize for my actions.
I’ll make no excuses for what I said.

I never understood the flakker until now, I guess some people just don’t like

I am taking it easy, do you want me to go full blut and change his wallpaper to a flakker and redirect all of his webpages to the cult of the flakker’s website?

Blut behave, this is your leader speaking


I am still the leader, don’t blame me for the kidney failure.

All hail the flakker

You can burn the land and boil the sea but you can’t take the flakker from me.

Wow, that is the most terrifying threat I have ever seen since that one Psycho in the Pandora cluster charged towards me shouting:
“I can’t wait! To take your picture!”
Sadly he got to hit my shield twice before I switched from my horrendous Flakker to my actually useful Maggie.

It actually is as I can make it so the only thing your computer will do is go to the cult of the flakker web page, now I can’t legally do that but part of my job is to know how to do that.

Also I’m going to state it again, calling something you have no education about is terrible is just like saying you vote libertarian as nobody actually researches that.

The maggie is amazing though just saying lol

I wrote how many top gear guides now?

Blut you being the flakker aficionado and all, could you check out my Flakking freezing Flakker post and tell me what you think😆

Lol I’m an idiot you already did

Pffft. I’m with ya. Never understood this Flakker business myself. Tried real hard to make it work. Ended up taking all three of my Casual Flakkers and grinding them into a Restructuring Viral Marketer. Its got a Bandit stock and Jakob’s grip. Now that is a shotgun! Only takes about fifty rounds to kill a Scav.

You know some people said that interstellar was a bad movie because the plot made no sense… Which kinda baffled those who got it and thought it was great…

One thing we all have to agree on here: if some people get GREAT results out of a gun, and some don’t, the most likely reason is that those who don’t are not using it right.

I’ve seen the Flakker one-shot Iwajira on 3 different characters. I’ve seen the Flakker kill things easily while the character had no skill points spent (ruling out the idea that it’s a build related issue)

If you’re at least moderately honest, you’d admit that the Flakker can’t suck if it can achieve those results.

I don’t use the Flakker: I can’t get it to work to my taste… But I would never say that it sucks just because “I” can’t make it work… If no one can make it work, fine: it sucks. But some people can … So… That kinda rules out that the whole gun can’t be used.

Same thing: the plot to Interstellar HAS to make sense… Because some people understood it… If you didn’t, it’s on you.

The Flakker HAS to be great, because some people make it great. If you can’t, it’s on you also.


So your saying flakker users are Interstellar fans? I did love that film

It still sucks Slag to me, for that it can’t kill a single Tork without multiple shots (if it stands there and takes it, otherwise I’m better off using melee.) while my Flayer, Maggie, Viral Marketer, Absolute Zero, Thunderfire, Laser Disker, or slam attacks need little effort.

I’m not going to bother listening to anyone’s tips on using the Flakker for if it needs “Special training” to use at a level where it’s no longer a stiff breeze to the weakest enemies on Elpis, I’m not going to bother since I didn’t need it to get to this point and I won’t ever need it beyond grinding for better shotguns like the Striker or Viral Marketer (yes I’m dead serious, I prefer the Viral Marketer to the explosive feather duster).
Besides I could give the time I could waste “Flakker training” on training myself to use the weapons I want to use even better.

I am honest, and in my honest opinion the Flakker is still horrendous because it’s fire rate, default damage, reload speed, and spread are terrible against small or quick enemies (whom I use shotguns on). Do I even need to mention that it’s all splash damage meaning it can’t land a critical?
To me, it’s only good for grinding or Fragtraps (whom I’ll never let into my game sessions due to his Action Skill and lag).
I don’t care if others can use it, if it sucks to me it sucks in general. Just like how the Viral Marketer sucks in most people’s opinions and it doesn’t bother me.
Different people have different opinions and in my opinion the Flakker is the worst legendary Shotgun in TPS (If it wasn’t for the Wombat, it would be the absolute worst shotgun to me, good job Torgue!).
BTW, I’m not a guy you can use the “I’ve seen players use it to one shot -Insert boss here-” line on since I hated popular BL2 gear like the:
1: Lyuda (Wastes sniper ammo to me. I’d rather kill one enemy with one shot instead of 6.)
2: Unkempt Harold (Can only fire it 300 times before running out of ammo instead of Maggie’s 900. It’s slow velocity and awkward trajectory makes it annoying to use.)
3: Conference Call (It’s spread is too flat for me to use.)
4: Interfacer (It’s range is too awkward for me, I hate using shotguns that lose effectiveness at close range like the Flakker…)
5: Bee (Hit me once and it’s useless. In a shootout that’s pretty common.)
6: Rough Rider (I’m a guy that prefers the Blockade for it provides Damage resistance and actual capacity.)

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@Blutfatal You have to go easy on the young novitiates. All will conform in due time Hand of God.

Flakker has some amazing synergy with Athena. I think the best out of all the characters.

That’s the kind of argument I can’t do anything about… I guess you are the new universal benchmark for quality. Congratulations.

No one ever said you had to like or use the Flakker, but keeping saying “it sucks” like it’s an objective truth is just silly because it doesn’t suck when someone else is using it…


Just like calling someone Ignorant just because they don’t like a single video game item is infantile.
It’s like calling someone racist because their favorite actor list consists of just two actors of the same race.

P.S. Edited Any online troll can say they have a job that involves hacking.
I’ve literally dealt with three prior to the announcement of TPS just for all of them to be lying…
So do you really think you can intimidate me with that?