Flakking Fl4k experiment

Disclaimer:not meant to be meta or anything just a fun experiment and I m not a Fl4k expert

So I had a weird idea after finding this weapon

Could it actually work and become the full auto explosions dispenser it was meant to be?

I combined this com

the pearl of ineffable knowledge and Megavore ability
It actually works pretty cool to an extent( I essentially fire it in fade away )
I imagine that experienced Fl4k players already tried something like that? Is there ways to make this flakker even better?
Also I try this with one pump chump as well but I would like a fade away anointed for accurate rapid fire no luck so far.

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I have used this setup before at level 50. There is some FUNKY Fl4k/Flakker synergy with Megavore and Leave No Trace.

I ran a radiation Flakker with an all radiation Gammavore build for a bit as well.

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Yep, can confirm that this works fantastically. At the game’s release, as soon as I got a Flakker to drop, pretty much the first thing I did was test whether the Flakker could crit with Megavore. Much to my surprise, even though the Flakker is splash only (at least IIRC, haven’t used it in a while), the splash can crit! Then I got myself a good Headcase (+3 LNT / +2FAF) and went to town. This was pretty much my go-to build for everything for the first several months of the game, actually.

Then M4 came out and the Flakker’s damage fell off a little. It is still a good weapon, just not AS good as it was initially when the difficulty cap was M3.

P.S. - You can also crit-swap with the Unforgiven

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“I have returned”

Quick Flakking Fl4k resurrection, throwed it in 2 minutes and just played Athenas m11 but still looks like it is viable, I missed the fun, now you can fire indefinitely without reloading (ammo regen is not needed, but it is the only rad flakker I have , the non rad is rather dangerous)

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I use a Fl4kker to maximize my uptime of Gamma Burst to basically instantly refill my cooldown with no ammo cost at all with Megavore. That way it’s pretty easy to keep a Red Fang setup going through a whole Takedown.

The funny thing is that the buffed Fl4kker is now actually too powerful and becomes somewhat suicidal to use for spamming. But experience makes it manageable.

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@narfkeks I guess I was not paying attention when they said the Flakker was getting a buff. Good lord did it get a buff! The one I picked up had like 25 in the mag with my mag size artifact and the damage has been close to tripled. Man was that overdue. Now there’s a reason to try the Flakker again!

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