Flak's annoying pets

I’ve been farming for legendary gear for the past few weeks, and I’ve got to say, this damn Spiderant is CONSTANTLY standing in front of me when I’m trying to look at loot. Whether its after I’ve killed something or I am going through the abandoned loot box thing in Sanctuary, this thing is always effing in the way. I keep having to move away from whatever is on the ground or in a chest just so it will follow me and give me a few moments to look at things.


seems like any game with a hunter in it, has horrible mechanics for pets.

It’s why I use the Jabber – smaller footprint than the Spiderant!

The spiderant feels like a cat to me: it just has to be right on top of whatever you’re trying to work on. At least it’s quieter than the jabber.

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lol this happens to me all the time too… it’s definitely annoying. Maybe they can set it up so that the pet doesn’t come within like 6 feet of you or something.

They just want attention. A tip: Don’t run up to the optimal range to look at your loot. Fake the pet out and run a little further and then back up or turn around, usually works for me.

I guess I’ll finally give the spiderant a name.

LMAO… we all complain about him getting in our way but ya’ll know you revive every time he goes down cuz ya feel bad for him . Admit it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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the worst is the eridian skag, pushes you all over the place when trying to look at loot on the ground. drives me crazy.

Why run to him when you can Friend-Bot him! I save him, he saves me, who rescued who? If I die though you bet I am taking him to the grave with me because he didn’t run over fast enough!

I do even after a boss kill b4 I reload the map! They did a great job with the relationship between Fl4k/pet I actually have emotion for it.

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FL4K main here. The pet noises are annoying, and the leashing is annoying.

For some godawful reason, they programmed the pet to leash to the point directly on top of your character. When you move to far away, or it decides to “reset”, it will run right on top of you.

In combat situations, or when running around, this is fine, because the pet will almost never be at your character’s exact location because you’re moving.

However, as soon as you’re walking slowly or standing still trying to look at loot, that little bastard will wait until you’re about to look at a gun and run right on top of you and sit there. Sometimes they’ll wander away, but sometimes they just sit there, and you have to walk a bit away to leash them back to your new location.

If the pet had a range band around the player that it preferred to hang out in, that did not include right on top of your character, that would be ideal. They clearly have the ability to prevent the pet from getting too far away - they should also definitely prevent it from getting too close, or least not crawling up your ass while you try to look at a gun.

I wish you guys would dial down Fl4k’s beasts. I literally can’t play the character anymore. I switched to Zane and it is like night and day how much more enjoyable the game is without a beast squeaking and following you everywhere or interfering with a jump. Even just opening a chest is more enjoyable.

I hope you modify the beasts so I can main Fl4k again. Zane is a blast, and I love the game overall-great job- but the beasts really do need a reboot. Cheers

have you tried the spiderant? I don t know about the others but so far she is not disruptive and generally pretty good in healing me when I am down

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Im running the rakk build with ase anoints without pets and its a hoot! Before i started Fl4k i read they were annoying so i never equip them. Might want to consider trying this build.

The Jabber is the most annoying. Spiderant is less noisy but her big booty gets in the way a lot. Skag is not as bad as the Jabber but slightly more annoying than the Spiderant since it’ll try to pee on everything.

I’ve been using the Skag, but you’re right the Spider Ant is a little less annoying, but it is still too annoying for me. I can’t use the Jabber. Once was enough.

How did you desactivate pets?I tried to unequip but game said it is not possible

It sounds like he just doesn’t equip one in the first place.

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oh ok, I see. So if you actually want to play petless fl4k you need to reset your tree and never equip any pet