FLAK's Dominance Capstone

Hey Gearbox, I’m absolutely loving Borderlands 3 and I’m a huge fan of the entire Borderlands series. Serioulsy thanks for making such great games.

All the recent buffs are great. While you guys are at it, could you do something with Dominance. As a skill tree capstone its too weak to make a build around to for the harder endgame content and dificulties. It would be nice to have a lil more variety for FLAK builds.

Dominance is the Lob if Capstones. I love how you took the Lob from worst to first. Please buff dominance.


Yea thats a horrible skill mind control always been a Siren thing I believe it was always was a wack ability to have I’m pretty sure they ran out of ideas for Fl4k and said ■■■■ it give him the ability to control people because apparently Beastmaster have always been know for their ability to mind control people /s. The only buff that skill needs that any Fl4k should accept is that getting completetly removed from the skill tree in favor for something else like Idk having multiple beasts out at once because you know he is a beastmaster? or modified melee attack that turns it into a whip increasing their melee damage and range or something damn. I’m not even trying and I can come up with better ideas then ■■■■■■■ Dominance.

Seriously tho I know they had better ideas and they are just gonna throw them on class mods and realease them as content comes out.


Mind control was only a siren thing for BL2. It kind of makes sense on a Monster fashion going around taming beasts for ypur collection.

The biggest issues with Dominance are its lack of synergy with anything else in the tree, and enemies themselves. They don’t do piddly squat vs each other in higher mayhem modes, and they don’t take much aggro from Fl4k anyway (a problem across the class unfortunately). If they just wabted to add sone numbers to the skill and be done with it like they did in the November patch, then they could just add a bunch of pet damage and health regen and double the time enemies could be dominated and allow you to damage them. It wouldn’t be the best fix, and would still cause a bunch of problems, but it would be usable at least.

Exactly! In all the promos he has 3 pets out. In the actual game. No. I’ll just chalk it up to lazy or poor programmers as to why it isn’t possible or hasn’t been done . THAT as a capstone only makes the most sense.

I’ve played alot of games with beastmasters in them and an explaination for why beastmasters have so good relationship with beasts have never been some form of mind manipulation its usually they are good at coercing animals to fight with them or they are connected spiritually to their beasts or the classic raised them when they were young and trained them to be partners I’m pretty sure Fl4k falls under this one.

I hope they don’t do this it really doesn’t fit the beastmaster theme Fl4k is going for and should be removed period IMO. There are so many better things that can be put here that it just feels like a waste of a capstone to keep it.

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Mega and I ran dual Dominance Fl4k builds with even meta gear, it was just horrible.

All they have to do to have the skill shine is to be able to kill your target that is dominated.

I just thought of something better but probably too crazy, turn them into a radioactive ticking time bomb that taunts enemies and the explosion is based off of the set 24% health, they don’t have to die to explode but will still act like a normal irradiated enemy if they do get killed.


The in-game explanation for Dominance is that FL4K is taming/asserting dominance over an enemy right there, not that they’re mind-controlling the enemy. The effect in-game is identical to mind control but that just highlights how poorly designed the skill is. It’s absurd that an enemy literally recovers from being tamed, and can’t be tamed again.

That’s why there are soooo many contradicting ideas on what to do with Dominance. On a gameplay level, it’s completely worthless beyond its lul factor. On a character/lore level, nothing about Dominance makes you feel like you’re actually taming a creature, which is why people call for trashing the skill completely, even though taming creatures is 100% fitting for a Beastmaster class.


I get what its trying to be but do you think the skill is worth salvaging? I feel like at its basis its not worth the capstone position even if it was buffed maybe they can move it to a different spot on the skill tree in favor for something better or something? I think Amara has something similar but it doesn’t waste a skill point to use.

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I can only speak for my personal preferences, but I will always prefer skills that are unique in design and add a fun or exciting feel to combat vs a skill that is more useful but less unique. So I’d prefer keeping the “tame enemies and make them your allies” aspect over throwing that out for something more immediately powerful, but Dominance is such a mess in its current form that would need multiple adjustments just to succeed at niche applications. I posted some ideas about reworking Dominance awhile ago, and the only aspects that stayed the same were meleeing an enemy to trigger the effect, and that you can only dominate one enemy at a time. So idk.

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I tend to agree with this line of thinking, mainly because I doubt GB would change the effect of Dominance. November showed that they are willing to add effects onto skills though, so we can always hope they add something to Dominance to make it worth using.

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