Flaks Pets really need to be better

For context since the start of the game I have fooled around with many variations of a gamma burst set up and the fact that despite having access to allot of damage skills pets are completely useless in terms of damage, a gamma burst build usually focuses with red fang just so the pet will tank enemies, forget the pet ever killing anything on M4, a damage pet build on mayhem simply cant work with how high the enemies health is and how low pet damage is in general. I’m really hoping gearbox buffs ALL of his pets not just the great horned or scorcher. Even if gearbox allowed you to have two pets like the great horned stag and spider any scorcher, it will be a band aid to the problems and really only flak would get any really use out of it because of barbaric yawp. When I saw the original trailers for flak I wanted to be a BEASTMASTER, not shoehorned into a fade away build to deal damage near or on the level of zane or Amara.
Amara has been stupid strong since day one, but since leave no trace and the lyuda was so strong he got only nerfs early when the game released and now I dont even think the nerfs solved anything, and that was back when you forced to use fade away even more so than now.