Flaks Rakk Pakk MOD drop rates

I have been farming for the rakk pakk mod now for 10 hours, its ridiculous they should drastically buff the drop rates on the trails bosses because it’s just not fun, I cant even get the mod never mind farm the prefixes I want. At this point if anyone has one to trade hit me up on xbox MDK187x

I did that Trial two days ago for the first time with Zane and got the R4kk P4k.
All M4 specific COMs are hard to farm.

I dont mind rare drops but jesus, it’s like the increased drop rates on the dead eye and mind sweeper have surpassed the m4 one to the point where its stupidly rare, I enjoy farming but this is soul destroying lol

I’ve got one at level 53 but not so good stats unfortunately. Been farming it since it came out :frowning: