Flaky Servers Tonight

Servers being really flaky tonight.

  • Got disconnected in the middle of a match at exactly 7 pm eastern.
  • Got a full team, only to instantly get a “Matchmaking failed” error (in bots, so no opposing team)
  • Game seems laggy, although my connection is fine.


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Got some server timeouts and unusually laggy games as well. PC here.

Happenned to me twice tonight, I didn’t get DC’ed but my whole team did. Fortunately, it was Bots Battle and I could keep it together long enough for some of them to rejoin but damn! It gets so intense when you suddenly become 1v5…:laughing:

When I got d/c’d I never got the chance to rejoin even though we were only half-way through the match, so I’m guessing everyone got d/c’d.

BTW, finally got Alani mastery!