Flame Flare or not?

Do you guys think putting points into Flame Flare is a wise choice in OP8? I go down A LOT with Legendary Torch COM and Bone of Ancient and Flame Flare with all those bonus to fire damage and duration. Should I remove points from it for survivability, and just hide around corner to let the shield recharge between battles?

If you’re running Legendary Torch then 1 point in Flame Flare is really all you need. More points equals greater risk of self-burn after you’ve dispatched a mob with nothing to heal from.

I originally put 1 point in it, but I always die right after killing all the mobs around.

I personally wouldn’t bother with Flame Flare at all. More often than not it kills you after clearing an area. Sometimes the fire DoT’s it produces end up stacking and kill you extremely quickly. For keeping yourself on fire, I would rely more on Raving Retribution and Delusional Damage instead of hoping Flame Flare extends your current fire self-DoT and risk dying without hope of a second wind and without backup.

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This was actually patched so it doesn’t stack DoTs anymore. The problem is more the duration of self-burn.

It’s never really an issue with me because I spec full Hellborn Mania so I can always RtB if self-burn threatens me. You may want to consider a Blood of the Ancients relic instead so that you have more health to help absorb the Burn DoT.

Oh, that’s good. Haven’t played Krieg in a while.

Ah I see. Since I am using a Bloodlust/Hellborn build, there are really not much means for me to save myself from the lethal self fire DoT when there are no mobs around me. Guess I would take out the point from it then. Thank you very much!

What’s your build? You could try health stacking a bit more versus any further increase to elemental damage.

Legendary Torch, Bone of Ancient (Fire)
This is my build :smiley:

Could opt for Legendary Psycho instead with some minor adjustments. You’ll sacrifice 23% in Burn Damage (difference between class mods) and fire rate bonus from Embrace the Pain but you still get a significant mag size increase with Blood Filled Guns and swap speed with Blood Twitch, and more importantly, +50% health from 10/5 Feed the Meat to buffer that self-burn.

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